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09:05 The cost of construction materials

Reducing the cost of building materials is one big way to make housing more affordable - but how can it be done? Nine to Noon speaks to Tony Sewell, the chair of Business New Zealand, and Dean Kimpton, the Chief Operating Officer at Auckland Council.

Berlin nightclub

09:20 Reducing opening hours reduces violence - study

A systemic review of the effects of trading hours has been published today in the Sax Institute's Public Health Research and Practice. It looked at 21 separate studies on trading hours and alcohol-related harm in 8 different countries - all of which showed a reduction in trading hours was associated with a drop in violence while increasing trading hours seemed to increase violence. Nine to Noon speaks to Claire Wilkinson from Melbourne's Centre for Alcohol Policy Research at La Trobe University.

09: 30 Crackdown on illegal crayfish trade

Large crayfish

Recreational fishers in the upper east coast of the South Island may have to tag crayfish they catch as MPI cracks down on people selling their catch on the black market. MPI is looking at "telson" clipping of the crayfish and limiting the catch to stop the commercial sale of the crayfish.  Illegally caught crayfish is often sold at a lower price which encouraging an underground market for them. Kathryn Ryan speaks to John Slaughter, compliance manager from MPI.

09:45 Pacific Correspondent Mike Field

Mike Field on the level of organised crime in the Pacific and Indonesia is under pressure after leaders of seven Pacific countries at the UN called for greater action on West Papua.

10:05 Hugh Aldersey-Williams on the complex, powerful force of the tide


Tide Photo: Google images

Hugh Aldersey-Williams

Hugh Aldersey-Williams Photo: Supplied

Kathryn Ryan speaks to British writer, Hugh Aldersey-Williams, about his book Tide: The science and lore of the greatest force on earth. From the earliest musings of what makes tide behave as it does, to the scientific greats who puzzled and theorised over its workings, the book weaves together his own voyage of discovery.

10:35 Children's book review with John McIntyre

A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston, published by Walker Books.  
Circle by Jeannie Baker, published by Walker Books.

10:45 The Reading

11:05 New music with Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor plays songs from the third album by Bon Iver, Bon Iver, Warpaint - the third album for LA all female spooky indie rock quartet  and a previously unreleased track from Bruce Springsteen.

Artist: Bon Iver

Song: 10 Deathbreast

Comp: Vernon/ Lester/ Burton

Album: 22, A Million

Label: Jagjagwar


Song: 33 God

Comp: Vernon/ Graham/ Nutini/ Castelar

Album: 22, A Million

Label: Jagjagwar

Broadcast Time: 3’33”

Artist: Warpaint

Song: New Song, Track 4

Comp: Warpaint

Album: Heads Up

Label: Rough Trade

Broadcast Time: 4’16”


Artist: Bruce Springsteen (The Castiles)

Song:You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover, Track 2

Comp: Willie Dixon

Album: Chapter & Verse

Label: Columbia

Broadcast Time: 2’58”

11:30 Sports commentator Brendan Telfer

Brendan Telfer on the fallout from Losi Filipi's assault charge, the passing of golf icon Arnold Palmer and the coup of securing Serena Williams for the Women's Tennis Classic this summer.

11:45 The week that was with Te Radar and Gemma Gracewood

Te Radar and Gemma Gracewood on the lengths people will go to avoiding paying for plastic bags, the solving of the mysterious missing bus shelter - and why asking police to help you find a lost suitcase of cocaine might not be a good idea.