09:05 Policing gang crime

Mongrel Mob gang

Mongrel Mob gang Photo: Photography by Corena

Detective Superintendent Virginia Le Bas is the National Manager Organised Crime, and leader of the police gang intelligence centre. She gives a picture of the methamphetamine problem across the country and how the police are changing tack when it comes to policing gang crime.

09:20 How would EU vote? Britain decides

Voting closes in Britain's much-hyped national referendum on the country's EU membership. The  28-country political and economic bloc represents Europe's most ambitious post-World War II experiment, as well as one of the world's largest economies. UK correspondent Matt Dathan reports from London

09:30 Postal problems impact on school elections
 The School Trustees Association says reduced deliveries by New Zealand Post had a significant impact on the recent Board of Trustee elections. 57 per cent of schools around the country have just held elections to fill positions on boards. Last year, in response to dropping mail volume, NZ Post cut deliveries to three days a week. The School Trustees Association says it received complaints from some parents and returning officers about voting papers not being delivered, or only one set of papers arriving in a two-parent house.

Kathryn Ryan speaks to the Association President Lorraine Kerr and President of the Principals' Federations, Iain Taylor.

09:45 Pacific correspondent Mike Field

Why has Disney decided that its new hero Maui is obese ? and why are banks moving out of the Pacific – leaving the ordinary people with no way to send money home.

10:05 Diving into the Unknown

The extraordinary story of the group of Finnish divers and their secret mission to bring the bodies of their two friends home from deep inside an icy cold underwater cave system. The two men drowned in February 2014 inside the cave system in the Plurdalen valley in central Norway at a depth of more than 100 metres. Norwegian police concluded a recovery operation was too risky, but the men's diving friends mounted a secret mission to bring them home. It's the subject of a new film Diving into the Unknown. Kathryn Ryan speaks with diver Vesa Rantanen and film director, Juan Reina.

10:35 Children's Book Review - The World’s Worst Children by David Walliams  
reviewed by John McIntyre, published by Harper Collins 

10:45 The Reading
'Small Windows on Big Stories' 5: 'Baked Slowly' by Nalini read by Marguerite Tait-Jamieson

11:05 Music review with Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor enjoys the 70's singer-songwriter flavour of Kevin Morby,  wades into a three disc selection of British indie music from 1987, and partakes of the musical comfort food that is the golden voice of Glen Campbell.

Artist: Kevin Morby
Song; I Have Been To The Mountain
Comp: Morby
Album: Singing Saw
Label: Dead Oceans
Broadcast Time: 3'54"

Song; Cut Me Down
Comp: Morby
Album: Singing Saw
Label: Dead Oceans
Broadcast Time: 3'31"

Artist: The Vaselines
Song; Son Of Gun
Comp: Kelly/ McKee
Album: C87
Label: Cherry Red
Broadcast Time: 3'46"

Artist: The Soup Dragons
Song; Hang Ten!
Comp: Dickson
Album: C87
Label: Cherry Red
Broadcast Time: 2'16"

Artist: Glen Campbell
Song; Wishing Now
Comp: Jimmy Webb
Album: Reunion
Label: Capitol
Broadcast Time: 3'15"

11:30 Brexit vote count shaking money markets 

RNZ business editor Gyles Beckford gives an update on the markets reaction to the incoming Brexit vote.

11:35 Sports commentator Brendan Telfer

The Northern Hemisphere is smarting from an awful 2015 Rugby World Cup in their own backyards, showing in 2016 they may not be the easy beats for Southern Hemisphere countries for much longer, and another big name golfer pulls out of the Rio Olympics.

11:45 The week that was with Te Radar and Alice Brine

Could your messy bedroom be making you smarter?