09:05 Fishing & hunting guides say cowboy foreigners costing them

River fishing

The organisations representing fishing and hunting guides say they're missing out on business due to unregulated foreign guiding operations.They're pushing for a licensing system for official guides which would only be available to New Zealand citizens or residents. Chairman of the New Zealand Game Animal Council Don Hammond and Kevin Payne, President New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association

09:20 Genetic study finds underlying cause of migraines

A huge genetic study of migraine sufferers has revealed dozens of new genes associated with the debilitating condition and could open up new opportunities for treatment. Kathryn Ryan speaks with one of the authors Associate Professor Dale Nyholt from Queensland University of Technology.

09:30 Smart manufacturing, the 4th revolution will be digitised

Described as the fourth industrial revolution, 'Industry 4.0'  is the fusion of the digital world and the world of industry, championed by the German government as the future of manufacturing. But what does it mean for New Zealand manufacturers and how should they be preparing for a new way of working?   Dr Frank Wagner from the Queensland University of Technology, is looking at specific sector opportunities  for manufacturing SME's in Australia and New Zealand.

09:45 US correspondent Susan Milligan

10:05  Yassmin Abdel-Magied: breaking stereotypes about Muslim women

Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Yassmin Abdel-Magied is a young Australian Muslim woman who loves breaking stereotypes. The 25 year old is a mechanical engineer who works on an oil rig. She trained as a boxer for five years, is a self confessed petrol head, who designed a race car. Age 16, Yassmin founded an organisation called Youth Without Borders, which aims to empower young people to work together for positive change within their communities. It now operates in three states in Australia. Last year she published a memoir, and was named Queensland Young Australian of the Year. Yassmin talks to Kathryn about her mission to promote diversity throughout society.

10:35 Book review - End of Watch by Stephen King
reviewed by Quentin Johnson, published by Hachette NZ

10:45 The Reading

11:05 Business commentator Rod Oram

11:30 Mothers' Darlings - the children of WW2 US servicemen in the Pacific

Some two million American servicemen spent time on Pacific Islands between 1942 - 1945/1946 - and it's estimated that about two thousand babies were born as a result of relationships with local women. The US military prevented marriage in some the cases by applying US immigration law, preventing marriage 'across the colour line'. Otago University history professor Judith Bennett is one of the authors of a new book which explores the stories of the children who were left behind, and journeys to discovering their full identities. Mothers Darlings also features the story of Arthur Beren - who was born in the Cook Islands - to a US serviceman.

11:45 Media commentator Gavin Ellis

Native advertising, or sponsored content in media speak, is creeping further up websites and news apps. It may feature on the opening screen, which is the equivalent of putting paid content on the front page and two major reports (from the Pew Research Centre in the United States and the Reuters Institute on the United Kingdom) confirm that social media is now the dominant way news is consumed but neither report has the answer to a fundamental question: how do the producers of that news - traditional news media - share in the financial rewards.



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