09:05 Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce

For decades successive governments have been promising to pull New Zealand up the value chain and reduce our reliance of primary exports. Why hasn't it happened yet and what's the role of science? Steven Joyce is the minister for science, innovation and economic development.

09:20 Facebook's suicide prevention tool: blue thumbs up?

It's been blamed for increasing anxiety in some users, but now the world's largest social network, Facebook is launching a suicide prevention tool to offer support to at-risk users. From today, people can alert the social network if a friend appears to be going through a rough time. When that person next logs in, they will be met with tools, including being able to message a friend, contact a helpline, or get other tips and support. Elliot Taylor,  manager of the youth organisation Zeal's mental health project Live for Tomorrow.

09:30 Knowledge Games

Could games be the key to solving the some of the worlds most intractable problems? Karen Schrier's new book Knowledge Games says they could - but also warns the "gameifying" the workplace could stir a hornet's nest of ethical problems.

10:05 Australia correspondent Bernard Keane

Australia correspondent Bernard Keane with the latest in the election campaign, including polling and the disengagement of voters.

10:15 Luke Williams: a journey into meth addiction

Luke Williams

Luke Williams Photo: supplied

Australian Luke Williams was a freelance journalist researching addiction to crystallised methamphetamine - commonly known as crystal meth or ice-  when the worst possible thing happened - he became addicted himself.  Over the next three months, he was seduced by the drug and descended into psychosis. Along the way he became violent and threatening, particularly towards his parents, he had sores over his body, rotting teeth and a festering needle stick injury. He's written a book, Ice Age,  about the history and manufacture of the drug and of his first hand experience of the effects on users, families and the healthcare system.

10:35 NZ Book review -Shelf Life: Reviews, Replies and Reminiscences by C.K. Stead
reviewed by Harry Ricketts, published by Auckland University Press

10:45 The Reading
The War in Sardinia by Lloyd Jones  read by William Kircher (Part 3 of 5)

11:05 Marty Duda's artist of the week

Kiwi rockers Fur Patrol are back for a brief reunion, playing three shows this week along with British band Swervedriver.

11:20 Taking New Zealand education methods to deprived children overseas

Sally Angelson is a development and education worker who has been transplanting the best aspects of New Zealand's education system to Zambia and war-torn Sri Lanka. She has a background in international relations and the use of education to empower people in areas that are afflicted by poverty and conflict.Sally has worked for ChildFund New Zealand since 2007 and has spearheaded the ATLAS programme that draws on active learning techniques, that are used in New Zealand, that includes having children, their parents and communities more involved in their learning with more interaction in classrooms. The pilot programme in Zambia has had phenomenal results - with pass rates for the participating schools' jumping from 20 percent to 80 percent.

11:45 Arts commentator Courtney Johnston

Courtney talks to Kathryn about the non-commercial work that dominated the Auckland Art Fair, the Francis Upritchard survey show at City Gallery Wellington, and a surprising large sculpture by a young Wellington artist.


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