09:05 Egypt Air disappearance - what happened?

More than 20 hours after it it vanished the fate of Egypt Air flight MS804 is still unknown. Officials have said terrorism is a likely cause of the crash but are not ruling out a technical fault. Todd Curtis is a former safety engineer with Boeing who worked on its 777 wide-body jets - he is now director of the Airsafe.com Foundation


09:20 MPI responds to farmer's criticism

Yesterday Nine to Noon reported on farmers' concerns over chicken manure helping to spread the aggressive weed, velvetleaf via imported chicken feed. Federated Farmers says they can cite multiple cases of outbreaks occurring where chicken feed is put. Pete Thomson, is MPI's Director Plants, Food and Environment.


Fishing boat

09:30 Calls for fish inquiry to be broadened

The Auckland University fishing researcher whose report exposed decades of fish dumping and illegal practice says he's concerned a new industry inquiry will be too narrow. The Ministry of Primary Industries will bring in a top lawyer to examine why fishing skippers weren't prosecuted during operations in the Timaru and Oamaru ports in 2012 and 2013, despite video evidence they were dumping fish. The inquiry will also look into a second investigation called Operation Hippocamp, which shows an MPI investigator thought the ministry was putting prosecutions in the "too hard" basket.  Dr Glenn Simmons was the lead researcher of the catch reconstruction for the 1950 - 2010 period

09:45 Asia correspondent Charlotte Glennie

The inauguration of Taiwan's first female president, Hong Kong 's visit by top Chinese official and 
Leicester City's celebratory tour of Bangkok.

10:05 Joanna Connors with the story of her rapist

In 1984, Joanna Connors was a reporter in Ohio for the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper when she was raped by a stranger at knifepoint while out on an assignment.

Her rapist was quickly caught and prosecuted, but for the next 22 years, as Joanna Connors got on with her life, and raised a family, and tried to deal with what happened to her, she was always wondered about the backstory of David Francis, the man who raped her.

A few years ago she wrote a series of award winning pieces for the Plain Dealer about what happened to her, and about why she decided to try to track him down.

Now her memoir is out, titled,  I Will Find You, which chillingly is the last thing David Francis said to her.

10:35 Unity Books Review - How did we get into this Mess: Politics, Equality, Nature by George Monbiot
 reviewed by Tilly Lloyd, published by Verso 

10:45 The Reading
The Colour of Food by Anne Else read by Jane Waddell (Part 5 of 5)

11:05 New music with Grant Smithies

In his ongoing quest to ransack the musical alphabet, Grant Smithies covers three acts beginning with the letter "R" this week: Ray Columbus, touring jazz man Ramsey Lewis, and early all-female rock pioneers, The Runaways, whose lead singer Cherie Currie plays NZ tonight. 
Artist: Ray Columbus
Song: YoYo
Comp: Columbus/ Russell
Album: Now You Shake
Label: RPM/ Frenzy
Broadcast Time: 2'20"
Artist: Ray Columbus
Song: C'Mon and Swim
Comp: Columbus/ Russell
Album: Now You Shake
Label: RPM/ Frenzy
Broadcast Time: 2'17"
Artist: The Ramsey Lewis Trio
Song: The In Crowd
Comp: Billy Page
Album: The In Crowd
Label: Chess
Broadcast Time: 5'50" 

Artist: The Runaways
Song: Cherry Bomb
Comp: Runaways/ Fowley
Album: The Runaways (self-titled)
Label: Mercury. 
Broadcast Time: 2'17"

11:30 Sports commentator Brendan Telfer

Super rugby, Joseph Parker's big fight in his old stamping ground, and reaction to the announcement that Australia and New Zealand will go their separate ways next year with their own domestic competitions. 

11:45 The week that was with Te Radar and Irene Pink