09:05 Boko Haram girl found

One of more than 200 school girls abducted by Islamist group Boko Haram in North East Nigeria two years ago has been found, fuelling hope that the remaining girls will be found and reunited with their families. New Zealander Denise Ritchie from Stop Demand has been in Nigeria recently and met with the uncle of the girl who was found, Amina Ali Nkeki, and also with with Boko Haram.

09:30 New claims about the spread of the invasive velvetleaf weed

Colin Mackinnon claims viable plant matter has beeen found in extruded chicken meal from imported grain

Colin Mackinnon claims viable plant matter has beeen found in extruded chicken meal from imported grain Photo: Colin Mackinnon

North Island farmers claim chicken manure is helping to spread  one of the world's worst cropping weeds,  but the Ministry of Primary Industries won't do anything about it. As of  last Friday the aggressive weed, velevetleaf, which damages crops by competing with them for nutrients and water, has been found on 248 properties throughout 11 regions of New Zealand. The culprit in the South Island has been identified as fodder beet seed, sourced from Italy and certified by Danish authorities and imported and planted last year.In the north Island MPI says the source is not new, rather the result of an old incursion back in 2011. Farmers in Bay of Plenty and Waikato, disagree .

Hew Dalrymple is the Maize Vice Chairman from the Federated Farmers. Colin MacKinnon  is the Bay Of Plenty Chairman of the Arable section. Trevor James from AG Research in Hamilton is in charge of the identification of weed seed.

09:45 International correspondent Matthew Parris

The Queens speech, "Life Chances": including prison restructuring and ease of adoption, the continuing and increasingly crazed EU debate  and the row continues about a future Trump presidency's relations with a Cameron-led UK government, with the Chancellor trying to calm things down a bit.

10:05 Gross? Wastecooking with chef & dumpster diver David Gross

David Gross is a trained chef, activist, filmaker and the host of Wastecooking an Austrian dumpster diving TV show. He talks about whipping up creative meals from what other people throw away,  fighting food waste in the process. 

His documentary Waste Cooking is part of the Resene Architecture & Design Film Festival 2016. The full programme is available @Rialto.co.nz. New Zealand's Love Food Hate Waste Campaign is running a competition on their Facebook page to promote the movie and are giving away free movie tickets. 

10:35 Book review - Men by Marie Darrieussecq
reviewed by Anne Else, published by Text Publishing

10:45 The Reading
The Colour of Food by Anne Else read by Jane Waddell (Part 4 of 5)

11:05 New technology with Paul Matthews

Will nanotech finally cure human viruses? Who is stealing your identity? and the IT industry accredits good computing degrees

11:25 Alcohol & teens - police advice for parents

As ball season looms, what do parents need to know about supplying alcohol to teens, and hosting parties where alcohol is present?  Sergeant Andy Smith, Police National Coordinator of Alcohol Harm Reduction.

11:45 Viewing - films with Sarah McMullen