09:05 Transport Agency warns Uber drivers could be breaking law

The Transport Agency says Uber drivers will be breaking the law if they start driving without getting the required certification. As of last week, the smartphone based driver service dropped its requirements for drivers to have a passenger class endorsement for their drivers license or a certificate of fitness for their vehicle. The NZTA says it's illegal to drive paying passengers under those conditions and would remain so even if law changes proposed to ease restrictions on ride sharing services like Uber go ahead. Ben Wilson is an Uber driver in Auckland and he's spoken out against Uber's change in policy on the blog site Public Address.

09:20 Too many apartments are "mediocre": architecture judge

As Auckland house prices continue to soar, and the Auckland Council grapples with housing intensification, the convenor of the Auckland Architecture Awards says too many multi-unit developments are "mediocre".

Many of Auckland's apartments and multi-unit buildings are mediocre and poorly designed, says the convenor of Auckland's Architecture Awards. Architect and Auckland University lecturer Michael O'Sullivan says too often, projects are developer driven with financial return as the priority, not liveability. He's even heard of developers showing plans depicting furniture that is smaller than the actual, to make the dwelling appear more spacious. The Auckland Architecture Award winners were announced last night.

Eddie 'the Eagle' Edwards

09:30  Michael "Eddie" Edwards - unlikely ski jumping hero

Michael Edwards - better known as "Eddie the Eagle" was Britain's unlikely ski jumping hero of the 1988 Calgary winter Olympics.

The plasterer-turned-ski jumper was the first Briton to qualify for the Olympic Games in ski jumping. After narrowly missing out on selection for the British ski team for the Calgary games, he switched to ski jumping, as there were no other compatriot ski jumpers to compete with for a place. With no official funding, using second-hand equipment, and supporting himself by working as a plasterer, Eddie made it to Calgary.

A film about Eddie's life starring Taron Egerton as Eddie and Hugh Jackman as his trainer has just been released.

09:45 Pacific correspondent Mike Field

Tokelau has a new ferry supplied by the NZ government but a leading maritime publication says it is a debacle and implies it is unsafe, a disastrous South Pacific cyclone season ends tomorrow and PNG's troubles continue.

10:05 The CEO Whistle-blower

It's a tale of corporate corruption that reads like a thriller. A company man for 30 years uncovers a 1.7 billion dollar fraud, and wants to raise the alarm. But in this case there's a twist! The whistle-blower is the company's CEO.

Kathryn Ryan talks to Micheal Woodford the British Executive and former President and CEO of Olympus, the Japanese camera and endoscope maker. He has recounted his experiences in his book Exposure, and the tale has been made into a documentary,  'Samurai and Idiots: The Olympus Affair'   which is being screened at the Documentary Edge Festival this month.

10:35 Children's book review with John McIntyre

John McIntyre from The Children's Bookshop in Wellington reviews The Road to Ratenburg by Joy Cowley, published by Gecko Press, and Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo, published by Walker Books.

10:45  The Reading: Shackleton's Boat Journey by Captain Frank W. Worsley
Read by Peter Elliot (Part 10 of 10)

Note: The audio of the current 10.45am Reading is not available online.

11:05 Jeremy Taylor's music review

Collaboration and side-projects are the order of the week, as Jeremy Taylor lends an ear to new releases from punk forefather Iggy Pop, Iron And Wine-man Sam Beam's joint album with Jesca Hoop, and Arctic Monkey Alex Turner's other band, The Last Shadow Puppets.

Artist: Iggy Pop
Song; Break Into Your Heart, Track 1
Comp: Pop/ Homme
Album: Post Pop Depression
Label: Caroline
Broadcast Time: 3'54"

Song; Gardenia, Track 2
Comp: Pop/ Homme
Album: Post Pop Depression
Label: Caroline
Broadcast Time: 4'14"

Artist: Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop
Song: One Way To Pray, Track 2
Comp: Beam/ Hoop
Album: Love Letter For Fire
Label: Sub Pop
Broadcast Time: 3'29"

Song: Midas Tongue, Track 5
Comp: Beam/ Hoop
Album: Love Letter For Fire
Label: Sub Pop
Broadcast Time: 3'05"

Artist: The Last Shadow Puppets
Song: Everything You've Come To Expect, Track 4
Comp: Turner/ Kane/ Last Shadow Puppets
Album: Everything You've Come To Expect
Label: Domino
Broadcast Time: 3'14"

11:30 Sports commentator Brendan Telfer

11:45 The week that was with Te Radar and Michele A'Court