09:05   Botched Beirut abduction - lawyer speaks out

Sally Faulkner, Journalist Tara Brown and her film crew are back in Australia now - after the plan to abduct Ms Faulkner's children went horribly wrong.

They have now been released after charges against them were dropped by Ms Faulkner's estranged husband. But four men from Child Abduction Recovery International, who carried out the plan, remain in custody in Beirut - we speak to Joe Karam, the Beirut based lawyer for two of them.

Australian TV presenter Tara Brown (back) and Sally Faulkner, an Australian woman accused of abducting her children from her ex husband, are released from prison on April 20, 2016

Australian TV presenter Tara Brown (back) and Sally Faulkner are released from prison in Beirut. Photo: AFP

09:20 Cost of failed science proposals could eclipse funding

The New Zealand Association of Scientists is warning this year's contestable funding round may have the lowest success rate yet. The NZAS says this year MBIE has put fewer restrictions on the type of projects being considered and says the success rate could end up being so low that the cost of writing up all the unsuccessful proposals could eclipse the total amount of funding on offer. The Association is discussing this issue and others at a conference celebrating its 75th anniversary this weekend. 

09:30 Giving big data a voice

Dr Robert Dale talks to Kathryn Ryan about using natural language generation to get the most out of big data.

09:45 Asia correspondent Charlotte Glennie

Charlotte Glennie analyses John Key's visit to China and discusses the aftermath of the recent earthquakes in Kyushu, Japan.

10:05 James Portnow - ethical gaming

Like many teens growing up in the 90s James loved video games... but in his high school years that love became a damaging addiction.  Eventually he overcame that compulsion and after a stint touring the United States as a rock musician James became a game designer. In his career James has worked on games ranging from the massively popular first person shooter series, Call of Duty, to the Facebook craze FarmVille. But he's best known as the writer of Extra Credits, a web-series tackling the promise and pitfalls of games.

 James is also interested in how game systems can be used for education - which he's explored through a side project, Extra History.


10:35 Book review - At the Existentialist Cafe: Freedom, Being, & Apricot Cocktails by Sarah Bakewell
Reviewed by: Tilly Lloyd, published by: Chatto & Windus

10:45 The Reading Shackleton's Boat Journey by Captain Frank W. Worsley read by Peter Elliot (Part 6 of 10)

Note: The audio of the current 10.45am Reading is not available online.

11:05 Music reviewer Jeremy Taylor 

Jeremy Taylor pays tribute to the singer, songwriter and performer Prince, as well as checking in on former Husker Du man Bob Mould's latest solo offering, along with a classic from the vault from Graham Nash.

Artist: Prince
Song: When You Were Mine, Disc 1 Track 6
Comp: Prince
Album: The Hits/ The B-Sides
Label: Paisley Park/ Warner Brothers
Broadcast Time: 3’44”

Song: She’s Always In My Hair, Disc 3 Track 14
Comp: Prince
Album: The Hits/ The B-Sides
Label: Paisley Park/ Warner Brothers
Broadcast Time: 3’27”

Song: When Doves Cry, Disc 1 Track 1
Comp: Prince
Album: The Hits/ The B-Sides
Label: Paisley Park/ Warner Brothers
Broadcast Time: 3’48”

Artist: Bob Mould
Song; Voices In My Head, Track 1
Comp: Bob Mould
Album: Patch The Sky
Label: Merge/ Southbound
Broadcast Time: 3'55"

Artist: Grand Rapids
Song: Singing Showers Golden Lights, Track 2
Comp: Ben King
Album: Faintheartedness
Label: Music Hype
Broadcast Time: 2'18"

11:30 Sports commentator Brendan Telfer 

11:45 The week that was with Te Radar and Irene Pink

Featuring: Dueling bulldozers