09:05 Compliance issues with construction in Auckland

Ian McCormick

Ian McCormick Photo: supplied

With Auckland facing unpredecented growth in construction over the next few years it's a juggling act to make sure all building work is up to standard and that there are enough skilled tradespeople to fill the demand. Ian McCormick is the Auckland Council's Manager of Building Control, he sees first hand where the system is working and where it falls short. He says a new problem is some home owners creating a non compliant secondary dwelling within their existing house, that they can rent. The Government's last National Construction Pipeline Report stated that $200 billion worth of building projects are expected over the next few years, driven by Auckland housing activity. It predicted 80,000 new homes will be built in Auckland alone by 2020, compared with 30,000 over the past six years.

09:20 US-European divisions to create 'a new (more dangerous) world order' 

American unilateralism and European weakness have undermined the trans-Atlantic partnership

American unilateralism and European weakness have undermined the trans-Atlantic partnership Photo: Supplied

A weak and disunited trans-Atlantic partnership, will see Europe and America go their separate ways this year contributing to a 'Hollow Alliance' which has been singled out as the world's top geopolitical risk of 2016.

Forecasters at Eurasia Group,  the globe's biggest political risk researchers, say the trans-Atlantic alliance, which has been the world's most important partnership for nearly seventy years, is now weaker, and less relevant, than at any point in decades. 

Eurasia Group's 2016 'Top Risks' report also has some good  news. It predicts US voters won't elect a president who will close the country to Muslims and that China's economy isn't headed for a hard landing.

09:45 International correspondent Debora Patta

Debora Patta reports from South Africa

10:05 Grayson Perry's 'Pretty Little Art Career'​

Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry Photo: Pål Hanson

Artist, Turner prize winner, broadcaster, transvestite and worshipper of teddy bears. Grayson Perry is a flamboyant concoction of many things, not least, satire. He talks to Nine to Noon about what makes him tick and his first exhibition in the Southern hemisphere, being shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia exhibition Grayson Perry: My Pretty Little Art Career

He's one of Britain's best known artists of his generation, and winner of the 2003 Turner Prize, primarily known for his ceramics, sculptures and tapestries, not to mention a love of pop culture. 

His largest ever project was a recent foray into architecture with his eccentric make-over of a 'House for Essex' in collaboration with Charles Holland of FAT Architecture.

Perry's exhibition runs until 1st May 2016.

10:35 Book review

David Hill reviews Grand Slam by Kathryn Ledson

10:45 The Reading

11:05 Political commentators Matthew Hooton and Stephen Mills ​

11:30 Food - Ice Cream with a kick

Creator of Feast & Vine Scream-licious Ice Cream Donna McCormack makes ice cream from locally sourced seasonal produce, for which she has won three silver New Zealand Ice Cream awards. She also makes the cones. She experiments with new flavours, launching four new varieties a week.  Her range includes alcohol infused flavours, which she describes as "a lick with a kick".

11:45 Urbanist Tommy Honey

Tommy Honey asks are our lives becoming cluttered with decluttering advice?

One Guru’s Approach to Decluttering Your Home—and Your Life, Slate.com

Someday Never Comes, Slate.com 

January Cure, apartmenttherapy.com 

January Cure, month plan, apartment therapy.com

Nine tips for organizing your desk, Hightail.com 

How to organize your desk to do your best work, Washington Post

Recommended Productivity Tools: An Introduction, whatsbestnext.com

Unf*** Your Habitat

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