09:05 Science funding under the microscope

For the first time in New Zealand economists have carried out a detailed study of the effectiveness of science funding.  The non-profit research organisation, Motu, says its research suggests the final selection process of  the Marsden Fund is no better than a lottery. Nine to Noon speaks to the director of Motu, Adam Jaffe, as well as the chair of the Marsden Fund council, Juliet Gerrard and the president of the Association of Scientists, Nicola Gaston.

09:35 Hungary defends border policy

Hungary is defending a move to close off yet another border to prevent desperate migrants from crossing through on their way to Northern Europe. It has already divided opinion across Europe by building a fence along its border with Serbia, one of  the main overland entry points into Europe's border-free Schengen zone. It  is now looking to close off a second border with Croatia. Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Zovacs says while the fence is ugly and undesirable there is no other option

09:40 Sergeant Colin Taylor of the Isles of Scilly, who may be Britain's funniest police officer

Sergeant Colin Taylor leads a small police team on the isles of Scilly, an archipeligo 45 kilometres off the coast of Cornwall, with just over 2-thousand residents. Thanks to Colin Taylor's amusing Facebook and Twitter postings about life and work on the islands, the Scilly Island police force has gained a worldwide following.

Isles of Scilly Facebook post

Isles of Scilly Facebook post Photo: Isles of Scilly Police

09:45 Pacific Correspondent, Mike Field

10:05 Brian Hanley - can gene therapy potentially extend the human life span?

Brian Hanley is the founder of Butterfly Sciences, a company developing gene therapies for aging. He says while humans are designed by evolution to age, longer lifespans could be on the way thanks to new gene therapies. Brian Hanley says if scientists can reset mitochondria genes and restart the thymus then humans will be able to live much longer than they already do. But there are serious barriers both in theory and practice.

10:30 Book review: The Blue Guitar by John Banville

Reviewed by Kiran Dass, published by Viking

10:45 The Reading: Speed Of Light by Joy Cowley read by Simon Leary (Part 5 of 10)

11:05 New Music with Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor renews his love affair with the music of New Order, is suitable impressed with Tami Neilson's follow up to 'Dynamite', and finds at least some joy in the grab-bag that is Keith Richards' third solo album.

Artist: New Order

Song: Restless, Track 1

Comp: New Order

Album: Music Complete

Label: Mute

Broadcast Time: 5'28"

Song: Superheated, Track 11

Comp: New Order/ Brandon Flowers

Album: Music Complete

Label: Mute

Broadcast Time: 5'05"

- comeback album from the band formed in 1980 in the wake of the death of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis - their first without founding member, bassist Peter Hook, although keyboardist Gillian Gilbert returns. The usual grab bag of the sublime and the truly ridiculous, and some clonking lyrics, but a handful of songs that are vintage NO.

Artist: Tami Neilson

Song: Holy Moses, Track 2

Comp: Tami Neilson

Album: Don't Be Afraid

Label: Southbound

Broadcast Time: 3'12"

Song: Bury My Body, Track 6

Comp: Tami Neilson

Album: Don't Be Afraid

Label: Southbound

Broadcast Time: 3'19"

- fourth album from expat Canadian, now cherished NZer Tami Neilson, following on from 2014's "Dynamite!", with its' Silver Scroll winning track "Walk". The same crew on board makes it feel very much like a sequel to the earlier album, but some deep meditations on love and loss, with the passing of Tami's father, and the birth of her baby.

Artist: Keith Richards

Song: Trouble, Track 5

Comp: Richards/ Jordan

Album: Crosseyed Heart

Label: Mindless/ Virgin

Broadcast Time: 4'17"

- third solo album from half of the Rolling Stones creative axis. Best described as "Stonesy", but I guess if anyone is allowed, he is. The melancholy things on the album are my faves.

11:25 Tree climbing Championships in Nelson

Three time champion tree climber, Scott Forrest on the upcoming National Championships in Nelson.
and the highs and lows of tree climbing.

11:30 Sports commentator Brendan Telfer

11:45 The Week that Was with comedians Radar and Elisabeth Easther



Music played in this show

Artist:   Blossom Dearie

Song: Everything I’ve got

Composer: Rodgers / Hart

Album: Blossom Dearie

Label:  Verve

Time: 10:06


Artist:   Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

Song: I’m Going Back

Album: Smoking in Heaven

Label: Sunday Best

Time: 10:30


Artist:   Lee Hazelwood

Song: These Boots are made for Walking

Composer:  Hazelwood

Album: In our Time

Label: Universal