09:05 Could Wellington commuters be stung by new road charges ?

Wellington's regional council is considering introducing congestion charges, motorway tolls and increased parking levies to deal with a projected increase in traffic coming into the capital.  The council's transport commitee met on Tuesday to discuss options to deal with the influx. Reports by Greater Wellington Regional Council show there are expected to be 11,500 more cars entering Wellington during the morning rush in 2031. Paul Swain, is the chairman of the Wellington Regional Transport Committee. Wellington City Councillor, Andy Foster, heads the Transport and Urban development committee.

09:20 Queenstown's housing crisis ​

Some lower paid workers in the tourist resort town are living in overcrowded, slum conditions, despite the fact a third of the holiday homes lie empty for months. Lyal Cocks is the Deputy Mayor of Queenstown Lakes District Council.

09:35 Gaza could become uninhabitable​ in less than five years

A new United Nations report says Gaza won't be fit to live in within five years if current trends persist. The UNCTAD report highlights the severe crises  related to water and electricity, as well as the destruction of vital infrastructure during the military operations in July and August 2014. Gaza's 1.8 million inhabitants rely on coastal aquifers as their main source of freshwater, yet 95 per cent of this water is not safe to drink. Mr Mahmoud Elkhafif, is one of the report's co-authors.

09:45 Australia correspondent Peter Munro

The Australian government is likely to announce,  it will take more refugees from Syria beyond the current humanitarian quota. Prime Minister Tony Abbott had previously said Australia would take in more Syrians but insisted there would be no increase in the overall quota.

10:05 Marcus Butler, one of the world's biggest vloggers

Marcus Butler is one of the world's biggest vloggers. At 23 years old he has his own channel on youtube Marcus Butler and it has  almost four million subscribers. He vlogs about a vast range of topics, covering humour, guidance and insight.  The young Briton has  now gone a bit old school and has a book out, a paperback titled Hello Life!. It is a collection of advice, funny stories and lifestyle tips.

BOOK - Hello Life! by Marcus Butler, published by Hachette NZ, RRP $34.99

10:30 Book review: Trigger Mortis by Anthony Horowitz

Reviewed by Crystal Beavis, Published by Orion

10:45 The Reading: 'The Phoenix Song 'by John Sinclair, told by Kat Wong

A young violin prodigy grows up amidst the absurd and often deadly politics of mid-century China. Under the dual influences of her revolutionary parents and the White Russian intellectuals who are her tutors, she is drawn into a precarious world of ideology and espionage where music must serve not only 'the masses', but also the unpredictable whims and grand strategies of great leaders. (Part 1 of 12)

11:05 Music of Foals with Marty Duda

Math rock champs Foals formed in Oxford, England in 2005 and released their debut album Antidotes in 2008. Led by frontman Yannis Philippakis, the quintet makes jittery, post-punk indie rock. Their third album, 2013’s Holy Fire, broke them through to markets outside the UK such as the US and Australia, resulting in a triumphant, and somewhat controversial show at Auckland’s Town Hall in October of that year. Now they are back with their highly-anticipated fourth album What Went Down.

Bart de Vries: Founder of Rise & Shine

Bart de Vries: Founder of Rise & Shine Photo: supplied

11:25 Dance your way into the day

Bart de Vries is a  29 year old who quit his job as a physiotherapist to start up before-work dance parties. Called, Rise & Shine, the alcohol free, dawn dance raves have been so popular, the last one was sold out. Bart de Vries says his job as a physiotherapist was frustrating and he wanted to change attitudes about what counts as exercise.Any profits from Rise & Shine will be channeled into low decile schools, teaching children about healthy food and exercise.

11:45 Legal commentator Ursula Cheer

Professor Ursula Cheer of Canterbury University discusses media law, including the legal process around censoring books and whether the system be highjacked by interest groups.

She also discusses a high profile defamation case involving the Australian Treasurer.

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