09:05 Claims migrant restaurant workers are being exploited

The Wellington Community Law Centres says many migrant workers in the restaurant trade are being exploited by their employers. Last week three men in Nelson faced the first ever people-trafficking charges to be laid in New Zealand.  Employment Lawyer Kate Scarlet says the Community Law Centre routinely sees cases where migrant workers in restaurants are forced to work long hours, for little pay, often being housed in unsatisfatory conditions by their employer. She says there aren't enough Labour Inspectors to police the industry. We also hear from Mike Egan, the President of the Restaurant Association, which backs the claims; and George Mason,  the General Manager of the Labour Inspectorate, within the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment.

09:15 Labour Inspectorate head responds to claims of exploitation

George Mason is the General Manager of the Labour Inspectorate, within the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment.

09:20 Election party leader interviews               

Peter Dunne is the leader of the United Future party.

09:45 Europe Correspondent Seamus Kearney

10:05 Mathematical biologist James Sneyd on the beauty of patterns

James Sneyd is a Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Auckland. He is known internationally for his research in mathematical biology and physiology, and is the co-author of two prize-winning books in this area. Dr Sneyd has traced the links between mathematics and disciplines such as human physiology and music. In 2005 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand. He is also a jazz violinist, currently playing in Auckland with the gypsy swing band Club Manouche and the Afro-Cuban band Charanga Amadeus.

10:35 Book review: 'This House of Grief' by Helen Garner

Reviewed by Jane Westaway. Published by Text  RRP$40.00

10:45 The Reading: 'The Last Waltz' by Bob Sharp

Elvis has just released Heartbreak Hotel and cousins Chris and Gerald are heading out to the local dance.

11:05 Political commentators Mike Williams and Matthew Hooton

11:30 The Colour of Food - Anne Else memoir

Anne Else loresAnne Else talks about her new book, The Colour of Food. It is a memoir, but running through it, the focus is on food and in particular meals that have meant a lot to her during different stages of her life. Anne Else has always love eating, but when she married at 19 she'd never cooked a meal. Her memoir traverses her life, from marriage and motherhood through divorce, remarriage, discovery of her birth mother and the heartbreaking deaths of loved ones.

She has made new friends through her food blogs Else Woman and Something Else to Eat.

Anne will run through a couple of recipes with Kathryn – one for rissoles, and the other an Albanian dish – Mish me Kos, which is meat with yoghurt, and stems from a time when she lived in Albania.

11:45 Urbanist Tommy Honey

Tommy Honey asks if owning a home is overrated.

Is owning overrated? The rental economy rises, New York Times
Economist says its cheaper to rent, NZ Herald