8 Sep 2014

The Colour of Food - Anne Else memoir

From Nine To Noon, 11:26 am on 8 September 2014

Anne Else The Colour of Food

Anne Else's memoir, The Colour of Food, traverses her life, from marriage and motherhood through divorce, remarriage, discovery of her birth mother, the heartbreaking deaths of loved ones and making new friends through her food blogs Else Woman and Something Else to Eat.

She says the hardest things she dealt with after the death of her husband, Harvey McQueen, was learning to dine alone.

"I don't think people are really meant to eat dinner on their own. Everywhere people eat together and food is shared so it is very difficult to dine alone, but one in four of us do it".

She shares her story and runs through a couple of recipes with Kathryn Ryan on Nine to Noon – one for rissoles, and the other an Albanian dish, Mish me Kos.