09:05 Chaos escalates in Iraq

As Sunni Islamist militant group ISIS pushes closer to Baghdad, US President Barack Obama - while ruling out sending in ground troops - is looking at "all options", including air strikes, to help Iraq fight Islamist militants. Ruth Sherlock is a Daily Telegraph correspondent  who's been on the front line in the crucial oil city of Kirkuk today, as it fell into the hands of autonomous Kurdish fighters who had fought off ISIS. And Dr. Michael Knights is a former head of intelligence for a security company, who has worked in all of Iraq's provinces, including periods spent embedded with the Iraqi security forces. He's now an analyst and Iraq expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and provides commentary on the wider ISIS threat to Iraq.

09:30 A campaign to improve access to palliative care in developing countries

Stephen Connor is Senior Fellow at the Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance which promotes universal access to affordable quality palliative care through the support of regional and national hospice and palliative care organisations.

09:45 Asia correspondent Jamil Anderlini

10:05 Feature: Gary Myrick Courtroom Sketch Artist

Gary Myrick has been a courtroom sketch artist in Texas for 40 years – covering some of America's most sensational trials, including the Branch-Davidian arraignments and the Paula Jones vs Bill Clinton case. He is one of a dying breed, as more US courts use video cameras to record events. But Gary Myrick feels the human touch he puts on things is vital, "I’m trying to draw to communicate to those that aren’t there, what it was like to be there. And maybe some of that has been getting lost".

Gallery: Gary Myrick sketches

10:30 John McIntrye reviews new children's books        

Night Vision by Ella West. Published by Allen and Unwin ISBN 978-1-74331-766-2
Two Wolves by Tristan Bancks. Published by Random House ISBN 978-0-85798-203-2

10:45 The Reading: Waiting for Einstein by Nigel Cox

A love triangle and mid-relationship disappointments precipitate a violent split between long-term friends Peter and Ralph. (Part 9 of 12).

11:05 New music with Grant Smithies

11:30 Sports commentator Brendan Telfer

Brenda Telfer discusses the opening Football World Cup game between home side Brazil and Croatia; plus the Black Caps beating the West Indies and the emergence of two new stars, Mark Craig and Tom Latham.

11:45 The week that was with Radar and Irene Pink

Music played in this show

Artist: Breaks Co-op
Song: Moment in Time
Composer: Clarke/Lovegrove
Album: Sounds Familiar
Time: 9:40

Artist: Sergio Mendes
Song: Mais Que Nada
Composer: Jorge Ben
Album: Sergio Mendes
Label: A&M
Time: 9:53

Artist: Vampire Weekend
Song: Everlasting Arms
Composer: Batmanlij/Koenig
Album: Modern Vampires in the City
Label: XL
Time: 10:40

Grant Smithies picks:

Artist: Grace Jones
Song: Use Me
Comp: Grace Jones
Album: Nightclubbing  
Label: Island
Time: 11:15

Artist: Curtis Harding
Song: Keep On Shining
Comp: Harding, Mitchell.
Album: Soul Power
Label: Burger Records
Time: 11:20

Artist: Quantic
Song: Duvido
Comp: Holland/ Da Silva/ Carvalho
Album: Magnetico
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Artist: Quantic
Song: Sol Clap
Comp: Will Holland
Album: Magnetico
Label: Tru Thoughts
Time: 11:45