09:05 Mobile dental clinics pulled out of service amid fears of toxic exposure

Mobile dental clinics around the country have been pulled from service for testing after high levels of formaldehyde were found in some Canterbury Clinics.  
The clinics provide dental care for tens of thousands of primary school children around New Zealand. The Canterbury District Health Board conducted tests and found formaldehyde levels three times national health standards. It then alerted other DHB's around the country which have begun their own testing, and several have followed suit by taking mobile clinics out of service.

Janice Gemmel is the organiser for the National Union of Public Employees - NUPE - which represents many Canterbury dental staff.

09:20 The Reserve Bank puts benchmark interest rates up to 3.25 per cent

Economics Correspondent Patrick O'Meara speaks to us from the Reserve Bank where the Governor has indicated whether more rates rises are on the cards.

09:30 Sporting and political tensions in Brazil on eve of football World Cup

Jules Boykoff is an associate professor of political science at Pacific University in Oregon, writes extensively about the politics of the Olympics, and is a former professional football player who represented the US Olympic team in international competition. He is the author of a piece for the Guardian titled, "Why you should root for the World Cup protesters"

Vincent Bevins is the Brazil correspondent for the LA Times and writer of the blog From Brazil. He is based in Sao Paulo, and contributes to a number of international publications, including the Financial Times and the Guardian.

09:45 UK correspondent Dame Ann Leslie

jason padgett author10:05 Jason Padgett, who became mathematical genius after a vicious assault

Jason Padgett (right) has acquired savant syndrome – he became a mathematical genius after a vicious assault 12 years ago. Prior to being brutally attacked he had no aptitude for maths, but when he recovered from his injuries he began seeing the world very differently and drew what he was seeing. A physicist saw his drawings and helped him get traditional mathematics training to be able to describe in equations the complex geometry of his drawings. Jason Padgett's book is Struck by Genius: How a Brain Injury Made Me a Mathematical Marvel.

Gallery: Struck by Genius

Pi Half Rainbow
720 Pi Half Rainbow by Jason Padgett. Image courtesy of the artist.

10:30 Book Review: Fourth of July Creek by Smith Henderson

Reviewed by Gail Pittaway, published by William Heinemann, RRP$36.99

10:45 The Reading: Waiting for Einstein by Nigel Cox

A love triangle and mid-relationship disappointments precipitate a violent split between long-term friends Peter and Ralph. (Part 8 of 12).

11:05 New Technology commentator Erika Pearson

Jennifer Senior11:20 Is modern parenthood all joy and no fun? - New York writer Jennifer Senior

Jennifer Senior (right) penned an article four years ago titled, 'Why Parents Hate Parenting' ... it caused a bit of a stir for suggesting that some parents are not totally enamoured with taking care of their children. She has since written a book, delving deeper into the topic, called All Joy and No Fun - (The Paradox of Modern Parenthood). It looks at the effect children can have on their parents lives, the adjustments that need to be made in so many areas – including work, hobbies, friendship and time management. Jennifer Senior is a contributing editor at New York magazine.

11:45 Film review with Dan Slevin

Dan reviews new releases Edge Of Tomorrow, The Fault in Our Stars, Fantail and Joy and No Fun.

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