09:05 Designer babies with Dr Colin Gavaghan

Californian online genetics company 23andMe has patented a tool to select for specific genes. Dr Colin Gavaghan, director of the NZ Law Foundation Centre for Emerging Technologies, Faculty of Law at Otago University, disagrees patents are the way to go, but supports parents' rights to chose the sex of their child.

09:25 Republicans offer plan to postpone US default

Philip Wallach is a fellow in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution in Washington.

09:45 Pacific correspondent Michael Field

10:05 Carnivorous plant collector Don Gray

A passionate collector of carnivorous plants, Don Gray has 8000 plants in a large greenhouse on the outskirts of Auckland. He's collected the plants for almost forty years – despite saying he's not fond of gardening. He's a tax inspector by day, but a good portion of his free time is spent tending to his venus fly traps and trumpet pitchers and sun dew species. His past time has earned him a place in the book Kiwi Collectors: Curious and Unusual Kiwi Hobbies.

Gallery: Don Gray's Carnivorous Plants

Don Gray and his carnivorous plants.

10:35 Book review with Tilly Lloyd

Danubia: A Personal History of Habsburg Europe, by Simon Winder.
Published by Picador.

10:45 The Reading: End of the Alphabet by Fleur Beale

Told by Sara Allen (Part 10 of 10)

11:05 New Music with Jeremy Taylor

Today, the eighth solo album from smart singer-songwriter Aimee Mann – perhaps most famous for her songs on the Magnolia film soundtrack – has some smart, literate and robustly tuneful songs; a new solo album from co-founder of Sonic Youth Lee Ranaldo delivers acoustic 'adult indie' rock much gentler than that band's jarring dissonance; and a retro-guitar comeback LP from 'I Love Rock’n’Roll' hitmaker Joan Jett, sounding a bit like Hole.

Artist: Aimee Mann
Title: Charmer - track 1
Title: Living A Lie - track 6
Composer: Mann
Album: Charmer
Label: Stem/ SuperEgo

Artist: Lee Ranaldo & The Dust
Title:Last Night On Earth - track 5
Title: Late Descent - track 7
Composer: Ranaldo
Album: Last Night On Earth
Label: Matador

Artist: Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Title: Any Weather - track 13
Composer: Jett/ Grohl
Album: Unvarnished
Label: Blackheart

11:30 Sports commentator Joseph Romanos

Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar's retirement next month; Sonny Bill Williams going back to rugby; another defeat for Roger Federer; Lydia Ko about to turn pro; and NZ fight back in test cricket v Bangladesh.

11:45 The Week That Was

With Radar and Gemma Gracewood.

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