09:05 The salvage of the stricken Rena container ship that's leaking oil off the coast of Tauranga

Bruce Anderson, the manager of Maritime NZ's salvage operation; and Brett Keller, the owner of Tauranga Marine Charters.

09:30 Can homework cause more harm than good?

Richard Walker is an associate professor at the University of Sydney and co-author of a forthcoming book, Reforming Homework.

09:45 Africa correspondent David McKenzie

10:05 NZ scientist involved in groundbreaking international research into Multiple Sclerosis

Deborah Mason, NZ Multiple Sclerosis Researcher and Clinical  Senior Lecturer, Consultant Neurologist Canterbury District Health Board. Her research includes links to lack of   Vitamin D. 

10:30 Book review with Don Rood

Wine, Women and Song - A Spitfire Pilot's Story by Hamish Brown
Published by Stayer Ltd

10:45 Reading: Last Day, Last Chance, Forever And Ever by Noel Harrison (Part 1 of 5)

Vicky's family suffered an injustice in the 1880s for which she is determined to find justice today.

11:05 Political commentators Matthew Hooton and John Pagani

11:30 Guest chef Michael van de Elzen

Owner and chef of Molten in Mt Eden, Auckland with wine commentator John Hawkesby

The Molten Cookbook - Michael Van de Elzen,
Published by Random House NZ

11:45 Off The Beaten Track with Kennedy Warne