09:05 How would the bin Laden operation have been conducted?

Eric Greitens is a former US Navy Seal who once commanded a team that targetted Al Qaeda. How complex and difficult would the operation have been?

09:25 Tornado sweeps through Albany

Clive Manley, Auckland Civil Defence Controller

09:45 Australia correspondent Karen Middleton, chief political correspondent for SBS Television

The Australian reaction to bin Laden's death and next week's Federal Budget.

10:05 Anne Russon - orangutan expert

Anne Russon, psychology professor and an expert on orangutans. Some of her findings about the great ape have shed new light on theories about human evolution. For the last 23 years Anne's being going to Borneo for about five months a year, where her focus is on studying the learning and intelligence of orangutans. She's found that the apes have the ability to act, something previously thought to be an exclusively human communication tool. She's also heavily involved in conservation projects.

Orangutan gallery.


10:30 Book Review with Carole Beu

Caleb's Crossing by Geraldine Brooks
Published by HarperCollins

10:45 Reading: Two Mothers by Shirley Eng

The first in our Mum's the Word series of short stories about mothers.

The mother of an accused observes the trial - and the victim's mother.

Listen to this story again.

11:05 Music reviewer Marty Duda reviews NZ musician David Kilgour

Left By Soft is the new album from David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights.

1. Tally Ho - The Clean taken from 1981 single (Flying Nun)

2. Shivering - David Kilgour taken from 1991 album "Here Come The Cars" (Flying Nun)

3. Every Time It Rains Like This - David Kilgour & Sam Hunt from 2009 album "Falling Debris" (Arch Hill)

4. Autumn Sun - David Kilgour and The Heavy Eights taken from 2011 album "Left By Soft" (Arch Hill)

11:20 Legal commentator Mai Chen

Parliament's love affair with fast lawmaking and urgency.

11:45 Science correspondent David Haywood

Long-drops, short-drops, and humanure.