09:05 The death of Osama bin Laden

David Kilcullen, counter-terrorism expert who was a key architect of the US military's 'surge' strategy in Iraq in 2007. He was a senior adviser to generals and officials in both the Bush and Obama administrations; and Al Qaeda and terrorism expert, Marc Sageman - a former CIA operations officer, including with the Afghan Task Force. He is the author of two books: Understanding Terror Networks and Leaderless Jihad.

09:30 The Longevity Project

Leslie Martin, US psychology professor and co-author of The Longevity Project which analyses a landmark eight-decade study in a bid to answer the question of who lives longest and why.

09:45 US correspondent Luiza Savage

The US reaction to the death of Osama bin Laden and the implications for US foreign policy.

10:05 Henry Worsley - author and polar adventurer

Shackleton Foundation

10:30 Book Review with Kate Blackhurst

The Registrar's Manual for Detecting Forced Marriages by Sophie Hardach
Published by Simon & Schuster

10:45 Reading: Death and the Dreamlife of Elephants (Part 6 of 6)

An inner city tale about death and a search for deeper meaning in the routine of urban loneliness.

11:05 Business correspondent Rod Oram

The impact - or not - of new ACT leader, Don Brash's economic policies.

11:30 Simon McKinney - NZ comedian and character impressionist

Simon McKinney is performing at the 2011 NZ International Comedy Festival. His fourth solo festival show is People.

11:45 Media commentator Denis Welch

Media coverage of the Brash coup and Hone Harawira's new party.