09:05 The Parole Board says it must release the killer of 4-year-old James Whakaruru despite grave concerns about his risk to the community

Katrina Casey, General Manager of the Probation Service; Kim Workman, Director, Rethinking Crime and Punishment; and Graeme Newell, Auckland Criminal lawyer and a former President of the Criminal Bar Association.

09:20 Why is forestry company Timberlands blocking access to world-renowned fishing river, Rangitaiki in the Bay of Plenty, and what impact is it having on local tourism?

Murray Downie, fishing guide based in Murupara; and Joe Doherty, trekking tour operator based in Murupara, and chair of local tourism development group.


09:45 Australia correspondent Paul Barclay

10:05 Mike Kim - Escaping North Korea

Mike Kim has a rare insight into life inside the secretive "Hermit Kingdom", through his work leading North Koreans to asylum through the 6,000-mile modern-day underground railway through Asia. In his book Escaping North Korea he recounts their stories of famine, sex-trafficking, and torture as well as the huge obstacles they face escaping from their homeland.



10:30 Book Review with Alison Laurie

Memories Before and After the Sound of Music: An Autobiography by Agathe Von Trapp
Published by HarperCollins

10:45 Reading: Heart of Darfur by Lisa French Blaker

Auckland nurse, Lisa Blaker recalls her her experiences in Western Sudan on assignment with the humanitarian organisation Medicins San Frontiere. (Part 7 of 12)

11:05 Music review with Marty Duda

Artist of the Week: Leon Russell

1. A Song For You (4:08) - Leon Russell taken from 1970 album "Leon Russell" (Shelter)

2. Delta Lady (3:57) - Leon Russell taken from 1973 album "Leon Live" (Shelter)

3. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms (4:25) - Leon Russell taken from 1973 album "Hank Wilson's Back" (Shelter)

4. If It Wasn't For Bad (3:42) - Elton John & Leon Russell taken from 2010 album "The Union" (Decca)

11:20 Employment lawyer Andrew Scott Howman

The changes made by the Government to employment laws over the Hobbit.

11:45 Science commentator Simon Pollard

How honey bees from Japan and Cyprus have evolved a defence that is just the bee's knees when it comes to defending their nests against a formidable predator - hornets.