09:05 Mandatory reporting of child abuse

Coroner Garry Evans raised the issue of the need for mandatory reporting of child abuse in his questioning of witnesses appearing in the inquiry into the deaths of the Kahui twins from severe head injuries. Mandatory reporting would compel doctors, nurses, and other health professionals to report any evidence they see of child abuse. Prof Mark Henaghan, Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Otago - his research interests include the law relating to children, and medico-legal issues; Seth Kalichman, Professor of Social Psychology at University of Connecticut and author of the book "Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse: Ethics, Law, and Policy" which lays out some of the ethical and professional dilemmas involved; and Peter Foley, Chair of the Medical Association.

09:20 Yemen and terrorism

The discovery of US-bound parcel bombs sent by air from Yemen has put the spotlight on the Arab world's poorest state. A US official says Saudi bomb maker Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, believed to be working with al-Qaeda's Yemeni branch, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, is a key suspect.
Gregory Johnsen, Yemen expert from Princeton University and co-author of the Waq al-Waq blog.

09:45 US correspondent Luiza Savage

The mid-term elections and the Rally for Sanity.

10:05 Marlena de Blasi - Italy-based author and food writer

Marlena de Blasi, the American chef and food writer's whirlwind love affair in Venice and subsequent move to Italy inspired her memoir A Thousand Days in Venice. She has written two other memoirs - A Thousand Days in Tuscany, and The Lady in the Palazzo - as well as three books on the foods of Italy. Her debut novel Amandine has just been published.

Amandine by Marlena de Blasi
Published by Allen & Unwin

10:30 Wayne Mapp - the Government's Defence White Paper

The Minister of Defence says military bases will be consolidated and savings of up to $400 million a year have identified, with the money going to help fund big ticket purchases. The Government says the outcome will be a smaller, more modern defence estate.

10:45 Reading: Heart of Darfur by Lisa French Blaker

Auckland nurse, Lisa Blaker recalls her her experiences in Western Sudan on assignment with the humanitarian organisation Medicins San Frontiere. (Part 6 of 12)

11:05 Book Review with Carole Beu

Fall Girl by Toni Jordan
Published by Text Publishing

11:10 Business and economic commentator Rod Oram

The new Auckland and Wellington councils.

11:30 Tony Gibbs - first patron of the NZ Howard League for Penal Reform

The chairman of fruit company Turners & Growers and insurer Tower has been appointed the inaugural patron of the NZ Howard League for Penal Reform.

11:45 Media commentator Denis Welch

Investigate magazine's report that murdered Swedish backpacker Heidi Paakkonen may still be alive.