09:05 Highly caffeinated alcohol drinks

Highly caffeinated alcohol drinks are being linked with dangerous levels of intoxication and violence. Health professionals say the popular drinks, either pre-mixed or cocktails, mask the effect of alcohol and create 'wide awake drunks'. The Federal Drug Administration in the US says it may ban the pre-mixed versions of the drinks and in Western Australia one bar has already been banned from serving alcohol mixed with energy drinks between midnight and 2am.

Alan Eade, vice-president Australian College of Ambulance Professionals; Paul Quigley, head of Wellington Hospital's emergency department; and Gerard Vaughan, chief executive of ALAC.

09:25 Gang problems in Wairoa

The town of Wairoa has become synonymous with gang violence - and with two gang-related shootings in the past week, should the town be looking at banning patches? Police say the shooting of a 48-year-old man on a petrol station forecourt on Friday evening may be gang-related and earlier last week, a 17-year-old man was shot in the chest outside the town's Mongrel Mob headquarters.

Les Probert, mayor of Wairoa.

09:45 Africa correspondent David McKenzie

10:05 Noel Pearson - Aboriginal leader

The Aboriginal leader, activist and writer has been described as one of Australia's most influential thinkers and commentators on indigenous affairs. He was one of the founders of the Cape York Land Council - the first organisation to work with and on behalf of indigenous owners for the return of their homelands. He's in New Zealand to speak to the Business Roundtable's annual Sir Ronald Trotter Lecture and Dinner.

10:30 Book Review with Louise O'Brien

Hand Me Down World by Lloyd Jones
Published by Penguin, $40.00

10:45 Reading. 'Heart of Darfur' by Lisa French Blaker

Auckland nurse, Lisa Blaker recalls her her experiences in Western Sudan on assignment with the humanitarian organisation Medicins San Frontiere. (Part 5 of 12)

11:05 Politics with Matthew Hooton and Andrew Campbell

What's going on in the Maori party, the Hobbit deal and John Key in Asia.

11:30 Guest chef Lauraine Jacobs and wine commentator John Hawkesby

Recipe: Best Ever Bacon and Egg Pie
'Comfort: Food for Sharing' edited by Lauraine Jacobs
Published by Random House

11:45 Off The Beaten Track with Kennedy Warne

Travelling the Whanganui river road. See images in the Kennedy Warne Gallery.