09:05 Open access for Maori to university

Dr Elizabeth McKinley, Director of Starpath Project at Auckland University; Dr Pita Sharples, Minister of Maori Affairs.

09:20 Sex abuse education in schools

Superintendent Bill Harrison, Police National Manager Youth Services.

09:30 Solar powered cap

Simon Dyer, is the owner of 2CLight - and inventor of the solar powered cap.

09:45 UK correspondent Jon Dennis

10:05 Pet obsession

Michael Schaffer, writer who has delved into the growing pet industry to try and understand why Americans treat their pets like children.

Links: www.topcatmodel.co.nz

10:30 Book Review with Crystal Beavis

Essential New Zealand Short Stories, edited by Owen Marshall
Published by Vintage
ISBN 9781869791285

10:45 Reading. Sanctuary: 4. Escape From Iran by Elspeth Sandys

Farahmand Kamali belonged to a small religious group within Iran. With the rise of the Shi-ite muslim rule in Iran, Farahmand and his family became increasingly marginalised and began to suffer physical violence. At 21 years and with the help of some supportive members of the muslim community Farahmand began an astonishing journey out of Iran through the desert to Pakistan then India and finally to New Zealand.

11:05 Technology with Nat Torkington

Technology expert Nat Torkington discusses online dating scams as well as Twitter's role in the Iranian election protests.


11:20 Parenting guru Nigel Latta asks what's going on inside the minds of teenagers

11:45 Television review with Simon Wilson

Simon has been watching Wuthering Heights, and a new documentary about the Mark Lundy case.