09:05 Swine flu

Suzy Daniel, has swine flu - leaving home for the first time after a week of isolation.

09:15 Swine flu - at what point will health authorities abandon attempts to contain the outbreak?

Fran McGrath, Deputy Director of Public Health.

09:20 The link between dyslexia and youth offending

Neil Mackay, UK expert on dyslexia.

09:45 Australia correspondent Ray Moynihan

10:05 Mhairi Collins

Mhairi Collins recovered from serious brain injury sustained in a car crash which killed her husband and oldest son. She and her younger son survived.

10:25 Book review with Harry Broad

The Spy Game by Georgina Harding
Published by Bloomsbury
ISBN 9780747599029

10:45 Reading: Sanctuary: 3. Tampa Rescue by Elspeth Sandys

John and Zia continue their story of escape from Afghanistan. In this episode we travel with them on the ill-fated and notorious vessel, The Tampa.

11:05 Artist of the Week with Marty Duda

1. I Got A Woman (2:50) - Ray Charles taken from 1954 single (Atlantic)

2. You Don't Know Me (3:14) - Ray Charles taken from 1962 album
"Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music (ABC-Paramount)

3. You Are My Sunshine (2:58) - Ray Charles taken from 1962 album
"Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music , Vol. 2" (ABC-Paramount)

4. Angelina (5:20) - Ray Charles taken from 2009 DVD "Live At
Montreux 1997" (Eagle Rock)

11:30 Employment lawyer Maria Berryman talks about the growing number of defamation lawsuits in the workplace.

11:45 Film Review with Graeme Tuckett

Gomorrah, Don Ciro and Toto.