Nine to Noon for Thursday 19 June 2008

09:05 Who Gets Born

A long awaited report from the Bioethics Council recommends a more liberal regime for pre-birth testing which some fear will lead to the creation of designer babies.
Martin Wilkinson, Chair, Bioethics Council; Wendi Wicks, policy researcher for the Disabled Persons Assembly; and John Kleinsman, research associate at the NZ Catholic Bioethics Centre (the Nathaniel Centre) and the church's spokesperson on PGD and is doing a thesis on this topic

10:05 UK correspondent Michael White

10:15 Water - the new oil

Maude Barlow, Canadian activist who says the fight for H20 has reached boiling point and is warning about another global commodity shortage and this time it's not oil or food but water.

10:30 Book Review with Sonja de Freiz

Novel About My Wife by Emily Perkins
Published by Bloomsbury
ISBN 978 074 759 5601

10:45 Reading: Edwin & Matilda by Laurence Fearnley

11:05 Government recognition and "gift" to Moriori

This week, the Prime Minister publically acknowledged Morori as the "foundation people" of the Chatham Islands and announced a $6 million one-off grant to "preserve, revive, support and promote" Moriori identity. For, Maui Solomon, the recognition crowns a 25 year renaissance for his people.

11:30 Advertainment

Dale Russell, marketing expert who's analysed a rising trend in anti-Americanism - and why being made in the USA can backfire on advertisers.

11:45 New Technology with Colin Jackson

Today's topic: Catching criminals on the internet.