21 Feb 2024

Ten thousand years of history from a sex worker's perspective

From Nights, 10:45 pm on 21 February 2024

It's often said to be the world's oldest profession and while there have been strides towards legitimising and destigmasiting sex work, prostitution is still one of the most vilified and scorned professions. 

Our next guest is trying to change that.

Based in New York, Kaytlin Bailey is a sex worker rights advocate, comedian, writer, and advocate for improving the status of sex workers in society.

Her stage show 'Whore's Eye View' is billed as a one-woman show about 10,000 years of prostitution, female emancipation, and sexual freedom.

Kaytlin is currently in Wellington where she is performing at the New Zealand Fringe Festival.

She joins Emile Donovan.