21 Dec 2023

New report asks who owns Kiwis' data and who has a right to use it

From Nights, 10:30 pm on 21 December 2023

Data has been called 'the new currency of knowledge' and 'the world's most valuable resource'.

Data is only becoming more valuable in the digital age, and the Royal Society of New Zealand has just released a new report looking at questions like: who owns your data? Who has a right to use it? Can someone change your data? Where is it kept? And what if you want that data to be forgotten?

The report is called Mana RaraungaData Sovereignty.

Tahu Kukutai is a professor at Waikato University. a data sovereignty expert, and a contributor to the Royal Society report, and she joins Mark Leishman to break down concepts like Big Data and Māori data sovereignty.

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Data expert Tahu Kukutai. Photo: RNZ /Dom Thomas