8:10 The House

The Speaker has begun steering ministerial answers away from outright attacks on the previous government, and towards answers. The road to positivity for new governments is long and difficult. 

Christopher Luxon points during the adjournment debate

Christopher Luxon points during the adjournment debate Photo: VNP / Phil Smith

8:15 Pacific Waves

A daily current affairs programme that delves deeper into the major stories of the week, through a Pacific lens, and shines a light on issues affecting Pacific people wherever they are in the world. Hosted by Susana Suisuiki.

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8:30 Jukebox

Emile Donovan plays your requests - as long as you've got a compelling reason, or a good story with it.

Send in your requests to nights@rnz.co.nz or text 2101.

8:45 The Reading 

Tonight, episode six of 'The Swing Around' written by Barbara Anderson and read by Miranda Harcourt.

9:07 Nights Quiz

Do you know your stuff? Come on the air and be grilled by Emile Donovan as he dons his quizmaster hat.

If you get an answer right, you move on to the next question. If you get it wrong, your time in the chair is up, and the next caller will be put through. The person with the most correct answers at the end of the run goes in the draw for a weekly prize.

The quiz is themed - find out more about tonight's theme on Nights' Facebook page.

9:15 Myth Takes: Prophecies in ancient Greece

Nights' monthly chat with Classics educator and enthusiast Ben Jackson traverses the misty mountains of prophecy in ancient Greek myth: from the famous Oedipus, to the doomed Cassandra.

Javelin throwers Ancient Greece

Photo: RickyBennison, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

9:30 Midweek Mediawatch

Colin Peacock joins Emile Donovan to recap a week of cuts and job losses in the media landscape, including Warner Bros Discovery's announcement that Newshub will be disestablished in July along with 300 staff, the loss of TVNZ's flagship current affairs programme Sunday, and a dire Trust in News survey result.

Photo: RNZ/Nick Monro

10:17 Song lyrics are getting simpler, research shows

Over the past 50 years, song lyrics have been getting simpler, particularly among rap and rock songs, as what we use music for has changed.

Analysing over 12,000 songs across different genres, researchers found that the lyrics of popular music have also become more emotional and personal.

Eva Zangerle is an assistant professor in the department of computer science at the University of Innsbruck in Austria and she joins Emile Donovan to go over her findings.

Christmas microphone

Photo: Israel Palacio / Unsplash

10:30 What time is it on the moon?

The White House has directed NASA to create a standard time for the moon and other celestial bodies, so astronauts and spacecraft can better coordinate their missions with earth.

It's the latest development in a half-a-century-long bid to create 'moon time' - an inquiry that is neither simple to calculate nor without some serious, intergalactic geopolitics.

Adam Dunford from the Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand, also known as New Zealand's 'time lord', joins Emile Donovan to explain.

Earth seen from the moon

Photo: NASA

10:45 Street artist Paul X Walsh

It's described as the ultimate in democratized art; seen by everyone, owned by no-one.

Perhaps the most high profile exponent of it is the UK's Banksy, but we see it everywhere from buildings walls to alleyways.

Paul X Walsh is one of New Zealand's most prolific public artists and he joins Emile Donovan.

Paul sits beside a panting on a streetside utility box. He's painted a sloth wearing a spacesuit beside a New Zealand flag.

Paul X Walsh is one of New Zealand's most prolific public artists, having painted dozens of murals and over one hundred utility box artworks around the country. Photo: Danielle Street/Central Leader

11:07 Pocket Edition

On this week's episode of Pocket Edition with Maggie Tweedie we hear new songs from Melbourne trio Glass Beams, Byllie Jean, CHAII, Christoph EL Truento and Chances Are.

Bryan Crump speaks to Dame Hinewehi Mohi about unlocking the healing powers of music.