7:12 Nights Geography

Tonight, making her debut on Nights, Louise Richards Vice President of the New Zealand Geographical Society joins us for new conversations about Geography. She's joined by NZGS President, Warwick Murray.

The first conversation discusses perceptions of geography, the geographical challenges we face, the unique perspectives the discipline can offer and the role of geographers of all ages in today's world. 

Global political tensions, and new technologies used by terrorists mean changing threats.

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7:30 The Future of NZ Music Venues

"Recently  the government announced a recovery package to support the music industry $3 miillion of which was set aside to to support live music venues.  Yadana Saw spoke to a number of people involved in running NZ music venues about the challenges faced post Covid 19 lockdown.

Audience watching live music.

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8:05 Orchestra Wellington gets Classical on Wellington's Cuba Street

Classical on Cuba

Classical on Cuba Photo: Orchestra Wellington

Kickstarting live music again, Orchestra Wellington is bringing music back to the inner city through a creative partnership with CubaDupa organisers and WellingtonNZ, which will see twenty ensembles play over one hundred events in fifteen venues.We're joined by Cuba Dupa's Gerry Paul.

Classical on Cuba

Classical on Cuba Photo: Orchestra Wellington

8:10 Dateline Pacific

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Photo: RNZ

Koroi Hawkins presents the latest from around the Pacific. 

8:30 Window on The World

Old ships, powered by the wind, are sailing small amounts of cargo around the world again to help cut pollution. Some of them were built more than 100 years ago. 

15 May 2020, Wewelsfleth: View into the rigging of the four-masted barque "Peking" at the Peters shipyard.

Photo: Christian Charisius/dpa

9:07 After The Virus - Environment

The second episode of After the Virus, a new podcast and video series about life after the pandemic.

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10:17 Lately

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Photo: RNZ

Karyn Hay is back in the studio and back on your radio with Lately.  

11:07 Worlds of Music

On Worlds of Music Trevor Reekie features an interview recorded face to face at Womad 2020 with Jimmy Carter, the oldest surviving original member of the Blind Boys of Alabama who proved to be one of the highlights of the Womad weekend.  Jimmy is 88 years old and talks about the Blind Boys of Alabama distinguished career spanning an era that included a World War, the civil rights movement and performing the White House for 3 different presidents. Jimmy proved to be a charming and inspiring man. 

NBlind Boys of Alabama - Jimmy Carter centre

NBlind Boys of Alabama - Jimmy Carter centre Photo: Supplied