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Apartment Living New Zealand

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Catherine Foster is a freelance writer with a specific interest in home design. She has been a regular contributor of articles to leading New Zealand home magazines, including Your Home & Garden, HOME New Zealand and NZ House and Garden.

Her new book Apartment Living New Zealand is a direct response to the growing unaffordability of housing in New Zealand's larger cities. With her belief in consuming the finite resources of Planet Earth responsibly, she sees the harnessing of architectural design principles to build smaller and smarter homes an obvious step in the right direction. No longer needing to accommodate a family, Catherine now lives happily in an apartment.

7:35 Upbeat

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Everyone should be able to access live music. That's the ethos behind a series of concerts by Chamber Music New Zealand and the IHC Foundation that encourages inclusion and participation for diverse audiences. The relaxed concerts are in Wellington, Hawkes Bay and Christchurch. Community musician Julian Raphael and CMNZ's Sue Jane explain the importance of providing musical experience for everyone.

8:12 Nights' Science - Hamish Campbell, Geologist.

Ngaio Gorge Road links the central city with the Ngaio and Khandallah area.

Ngaio Gorge Road links the central city with the Ngaio and Khandallah area. Photo: Wellington City Council

Hamish Campbell, Geologist with GNS Science joins Bryan to talk about slips and landslides.

8:30 Window on the World - Bread

Flour, water, and salt - over thousands of years the basic recipe for bread has changed very little. But often there's been a dollop of judgement thrown in too. From Plato to modern-day Cairo, this edition of the Food Chain talks about the ever-changing relationship between bread and social class. How have certain types of loaf come to have different moral and social meanings? And, can bread divide a society?

9:30 Insight - Waste Not

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This week, Insight takes a closer look at why we're failing so badly to curb the waste mountain and asks are there bigger waste issues going undetected?

10:17 Late Edition

A roundup of today's RNZ News and feature interviews as well as Dateline Pacific from RNZ International.

11:07 Nashville Babylon

Every Monday on Nashville Babylon Mark Rogers presents the very best in alt.country, Americana and soul and blues…

On this week's show Mark features new music from Colorama, favourites from Johnny Cash and Dr John plus classic blues from Willie Dixon and Sonny Boy Williamson. There's also a jazz smash from Art Blakey and a track to welcome in September courtesy of Willie Nelson

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