7:12 Our Own Odysseys - Tulagi

Claire Bibby travelled across Iron Bottom Sound to to the former capital of the Solomon Islands, Tulagi, to research WWII history and witness munition disposal.

7:30 The Sampler

In The Sampler this week Nick Bollinger discusses the strong melodies, experimental sonics and social studies of California-born singer-songwriter Weyes Blood, and the unique and familiar sounds of local duo Hopetoun Brown, and Elliott Childs reviews a timely and topical set from Southern US rockers Drive By Truckers.

8:12 Nights' Pundit - Philosophy

Philosopher at large Ann Kerwin examines "THE PATH - What Chinese Philosophers Can Teach Us About the Good Life".

8:30 Window on the World

Vegan Kids - Are parents wrong to impose their own restrictive diets on their children? An Italian MP wants to jail parents who choose vegan or other "reckless" diets for their kids. But many of these families argue their children are healthy and happy. This week, we take a look at the implications of excluding certain foods from a child's plate. Should children be encouraged to develop their own food choices regardless of their parents' convictions? Vegan, veggie and Paleo parents talk to the BBC's Manuela Saragosa.


Tuesday Feature: Mistaken Identities 2. Country

In his second BBC Reith Lecture, the philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah looks at the concept of Countries. He explores the history of the idea, born in the 19th century, that there are peoples who are entitled to their own state.  He uses the life story of the writer Italo Svevo to illustrate this, arguing that nations exist as a shared process rather than some sort of mythical and ancient group. That's in the second of this year's BBC Reith Lecture series 'Mistaken Identities' coming up after the news at 9.

10:17 Late Edition

A roundup of today's RNZ News and feature interviews as well as Date Line Pacific from RNZ International.

11:07 Worlds of Music

On Worlds of Music Trevor Reekie hosts a weekly music programme celebrating an eclectic mix of 'world' music, fusion and folk roots.This hour includes music  from New Orleans, N'goni music from Mali, some Flamenco and a face to face interview conducted with the late guitarist Bob Brozman demonstrating how he collaborated with Indian slide-guitar virtuoso Debashish Battasharya.