7:12 John Thornley - Songs of the Spirit
The Methodist lay-preacher, John Thornley, continues his series on the spiritual side of pop music.This evening he discusses I Dreamed a Dream sung by Aretha Franklin.

7:30 Spectrum 
Twenty five dollars and a dream: the story of Tapu te Ranga - Spectrum visits an urban marae which is struggling financially after several of its buildings were closed by the Wellington City Council.

8:12 Nights' Overseas - England
Breakfast producer at BBC Radio Will Flockton reports from post BREXIT Brighton.

8:30 Window on the World
Wine Alcoholics - The conventional treatment for chronic alcoholics is abstinence. Not in Ottawa. At the Oaks, a residence for those who were once homeless, occupants are given a measure of white wine at hourly intervals throughout the day. The 'Managed Alcohol Program' has improved the health of its participants, reduced their alcohol intake, and in some cases enabled them to stop drinking altogether. It's also saved the city of Ottawa millions of dollars in public services - one man was hospitalised 191 times in the six months before joining the programme.

9:07 The Drama Hour

Orders - What can a man do when  he finds himself increasingly on the outer at home, and his work is as boring as?

As It Happens #1 -Jimmy Van is a low-life on the run from the law. When he comes across an uninhabited house he stumbles into more than he was counting on.

10:17 Late Edition
A round up of today's RNZ News and feature interviews as well as Date Line Pacific from RNZ International

11:07 At the Eleventh Hour
A Short History of Jazz (8) - This eight part series guides listeners on a historical path, tracing the evolution of jazz from its beginnings in the early 1900s, up until the 1990s and beyond. During the course of the series, we hear the story of jazz; learn about how it developed structurally and harmonically, and find out about the social context behind everything. It is brought to you by some of New Zealand's greatest jazz thinkers and players, all lecturers and graduates of the New Zealand School of Music.
Tonight in the final of our series we look at The 1990s - a period of fusion, hybrids and cultural collaborations as musical styles blended with each other -  led by session host Mark Donlon.