Azura at Wave Energy Test Site (WETS) near Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawai’i.

"Azura" wave energy device being tested near Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawai’i. Photo:

7:12 Ocean Energy
What is the potential for harnessing New Zealand's tidal and wave energy? We'll talk to Gareth Gretton about making power from motion in the ocean ahead of the Aotearoa Wave And Tidal Energy Association conference.

7:30 Spectrum 
Sonia Sly looks into an international project called Seawalls which recently came to Napier. It's part of a global movement towards marine conservation, giving visual artists a platform to paint for a purpose.

10:17 Late Edition
A round up of today's RNZ News and feature interviews as well as Date Line Pacific from RNZ International.

11:07 At the Eleventh Hour
John Coltrane. This week in The New Jazz Archive it's the life and music of John Coltrane. We'll talk with our jazz historian and renowned Coltrane scholar Lewis Porter about Trane's early roots growing up in rural North Carolina, and get to know the softer side of John Coltrane the balladeer. And we'll explore John Coltrane's redemption story and his transformation from heroin addict to spiritual icon, and sit down for a conversation with Ravi Coltrane about how his father's music unexpectedly inspired him to carry on the family legacy.