Cologne, Germany

Cologne, Germany Photo: Gabriele Hufschmidt

7:12 Consequences from Cologne
the fallout from Cologne's New Year's Eve sexual attacks, particularly in regards to the pressures the migration crisis has bought to Germany - with Dr. Gabriele Hufschmidt from the Institute of Geography at University Bonn...

7:35 At the Movies
movie reviews and film industry news with Simon Morris

8:12 Window on the World - The Christians Stranded in Thailand
international public radio documentaries

8:43 Nights' Culture - Jazz
jivester, editor and publisher Fergus Barrowman on the sizzle and pop of a snazzy beat... the Rodger Fox Big Band plays New Zealand, Dave Douglas and the Monash Art Ensemble plus Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra's Live in Cuba...

Rodger Fox

culture roster: Classical, Comics, Jamaican Music, Poetry, Hip Hop, Video Games, Jazz, Pasifika, Electronic Music, Dance Photo: Rodger Fox

9:07 Our Changing World
science, environment and medical research in New Zealand labs and out in the field

9:59 conundrum clue 8

10:17 Late Edition
a round up of today's RNZ News and feature interviews as well as Date Line Pacific from RNZ International

11:07 Music 101 pocket edition 
the digest on brand-new music with Emma Smith

... nights' time is the right time...