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what New Zealand's top athletes will be doing this summer in preparing themselves physically for the Rio Olympics in August 2016, with athlete trainer David Slyfield from High Performance Sport New Zealand...

7:35 Upbeat - Nicholas McGegan
> feature interviews from RNZ Concert with Eva Radich

8:12 Windows on the World - Discovery: Enceladus: A second genesis of life at Saturn?
> international public radio documentaries

8:43 The Scientists - FOOD TECHNOLOGY
what it takes to make what we eat - with honorary associate Prof. Don Otter from University of Auckland's School of Chemical Sciences... do food scientists make better cooks?

roster: Alan Gilmore (Astronomy); Leo Schep (Toxicology); Bec Stanley (Botany); Mark Apperley (Computer Science); Don Otter (Food Technology); Erick Brenstrum (World Weather); Jean Fleming (Body Parts); Pierre Roudier (Soil Science); Shaun Hendy (Physics); & Stella McQueen (Native Fish Ecology)

8:59 conundrum clue 1

after a career in broadcasting that started over 50 years ago, our very own Jim Sullivan, the founding host of Sounds Historical, will be retiring to Central Otago at the end of the year...

Jim Sullivan

Jim Sullivan Photo: RNZ

9:25 Insight - More Pay for Living in Auckland?
> in-depth topical analysis from RNZ News

9:55 Mini Drama - Old News pt 5 of 5

9:59 conundrum clue 2

10:17 Late Edition
> a round up of today's RNZ News and feature interviews as well as Date Line Pacific from RNZ International

11:07 The Eleventh Hour - Folk Alley 
> music from the American continent

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