21 Dec 2015

So long, Sounds Historical

From Nights, 9:10 pm on 21 December 2015

“You know that old gag about the past being a foreign country... We sounded different, we didn't speak the same way. There's a whole bunch of beautiful historical associations wrapped up in sound history, I think" - Jim Sullivan

After a career in broadcasting that started over 50 years ago, Jim Sullivan – the founding host of Sounds Historical – retires to Central Otago at the end of this year. He reflects on his career, with Bryan Crump.

Jim Sullivan interviewing Cliff Richard

Jim Sullivan interviewing Cliff Richard Photo: Supplied

For over 20 years, Jim Sullivan has hosted the programme from Dunedin. It was an outlet not just for his historical knowledge, but Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision resources.


Jim participated in many major moments in radio history, including hosting Morning Report the day the nation learnt an Air New Zealand DC-10 had crashed in Antarctica.