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In Kazakhstan in search of someone following a dream

In Kazakhstan in search of someone following a dream Photo: Patricia Sexton

the career of Patricia Sexton has her now finding dream-followers in unusual places, but it's been a challenge getting back to work after experiencing post-natal depression...

7:35 Upbeat - Kevin Field
> feature interviews from RNZ Concert with Eva Radich
8:12 Windows on the World - The air that we breathe
> international public radio documentaries

8:43 The Scientists - BOTANY
Auckland Botanical Gardens curator Bec Stanley on the chlorophyll-filled bio-mass that photosynthesises around us... botany at the beach

roster: Alan Gilmore (Astronomy); Leo Schep (Toxicology); Bec Stanley (Botany); Mark Apperley (Computer Science); Don Otter (Food Technology); Erick Brenstrum (World Weather); Jean Fleming (Body Parts); Pierre Roudier (Soil Science); Shaun Hendy (Physics); & Stella McQueen (Native Fish Ecology)

8:59 conundrum clue 1

a new research programme is underway which intends to improve the chances of finding oil and gas accumulations in New Zealand's sedimentary basins - with Richard Sykes GNS Science petroleum geochemist 

9:59 conundrum clue 2

10:17 Late Edition
> a round up of today's RNZ News and feature interviews as well as Date Line Pacific from RNZ International

11:07 The Eleventh Hour - Folk Alley
> music from the American continent

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