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with skipper. Bryan Crump & navigator. Robyn Rockgirl Walker

Tonight's rundown (Monday)...

Dr Jared Noel with David Wyn Williams

A dying father's powerful legacy of hope Photo: Allen & Unwin

Jared Noel, the young Auckland-based doctor and dad-to-be battling terminal bowel cancer who, when things took a sudden turn for the worse, went public with his quest to stay alive long enough to meet his little girl, Elise. He wrote a book for her Message to My Girl: A dying father's powerful legacy of hope. The first anniversary of Jared's death was 8 October 2015 - with wife Hannah Noel and co-author David Williams...

7:35pm Upbeat (feature interviews from RNZ Concert with Clarissa Dunn) - Kari Kriikku

8:12pm Windows on the World (international public radio documentaries) - Lion hunting in Africa 

8:43pm NIGHTS Scientists
roster: Alan Gilmore (Astronomy); Leo Schep (Toxicology); Bec Stanley (Botany); Mark Apperley (Computer Science); Don Otter (Food Technology); Erick Brenstrum (World Weather); Jean Fleming (Body Parts); Pierre Roudier (Soil Science); Shaun Hendy (Physics); & Stella McQueen (Native Fish Ecology)

the importance of soils for food security and essential eco-system functions has been acknowledged by declaring 2015 the International Year of Soils, with Landcare Research scientist Pierre Roudier... where does the colour of soils come from?

8:59pm NIGHTS conundrum clue 1

today would have been the 100th birthday of trail-blazing New Zealand composer Douglas Lilburn - 2015 Lilburn Research Fellow Chris Bourke looks at Lilburn's ideas vis a vis popular music...

Happy Birthday Mr Lilburn

Happy Birthday Mr Lilburn Photo: Douglas Lilburn Trust

9:30pm Insight (in-depth topical analysis from RNZ News) - NZ Awash with Guns?

9:59pm NIGHTS conundrum clue 2

10:17pm Late Edition (a round up of today's RNZ news and feature interviews as well as Date Line Pacific from RNZ International)

11:07pm The Eleventh Hour [Americana] - Folk Alley ep.1

... nights' time is the right time...