LABOUR DAY (public holiday)

7:06pm Busting Black Gold Smugglers
Imagine if your day job involved staking-out rugged coastland waiting to bust “black-gold” paua-poaching rings. Lynda Chanwai-Earle brings us a feature documentary about “black gold” smuggling when she joins Fisheries Officers in a covert operation to bust paua poachers around the wild coastline of Wellington.

7:35pm Upbeat encore

8:06pm The Shape of the Media
In an era when traditional media is changing rapidly, what’s the future for quality journalism? What alternatives can online media offer audiences? How is it paid for? What’s the effect of social media and celebrity culture? What are the implications for New Zealanders who can now get access to instant information wherever they are? Jim Mora hosts a discussion about the future of journalism with a panel including special guest Professor Graeme Turner.

9:07pm Windows on the World (international public radio documentaries) - The Infinite Monkey Cage USA Tour pt 4 of 4 (San Francisco)

9:30pm Insight (in-depth analysis from RNZ News) - Dying Business Prepares to Boom 

10:17pm The 10 o'clock Report

10:30pm What's the Word: Alternative Comics
In recent decades comics, artists and writers have stretched the boundaries of what we typically thought of as 'Comics'. Familiar scripts about super-heroes were joined on bookshelves by full-length autobiographical works that came to be called graphic novels. Often rejected by the mainstream comics industry, comics creators wanting to do new things started their own companies or went underground and by the 1990's the alternatives comics industry was in full swing and in the digital age they have flourished (RNZ)

11:07pm Eleventh Hour Music [Americana] - Beale St Caravan

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