7:10 Interpreting Legal Language

Trials have begun to determine whether Australian deaf citizens can be permitted to serve as jurors, with Prof. Jemina Napier from Heriot Watt University.

Mock trial to examine deaf people jury ban
Prof. Napier lecture on YouTube
Prof. Napier at Heriot Watt

7:30 Spectrum

People, places and events in New Zealand.

8:10 Windows on the World

International public radio documentaries - visit the Windows on the World web page to find links to these documentaries.

8:40 Arts - Contemporary Classical

Radio New Zealand Concert's Sound Lounge host Kate Mead strokes her bow on both contemporary classical music plus recent releases of old masters.

9:06 The Wednesday Drama - The Way Forward, by John Vakidis

Using his experience working in prisons, detention centres and schools, John Vakidis tells a story of three disaffected youth who escape from a detention centre only to realise the centre may be the best place for them (RNZ)

10:00 Late Edition

A review of the news from Morning Report, Nine to Noon, Afternoons and Checkpoint. Also hear the latest news from around the Pacific on Radio New Zealand International's Dateline Pacific.

11:06 Night Lights Classic Jazz

Black Vocal Harmony Groups of the 1930s and 40s (5 of 13, WFIU)

Music played in this show

Artist: Herbie Hancock
Song: Cantaloupe Island
Composer: Hancock
Album: n/a
Label: Blue Note
Time: 7:09

Artist: Iva Lamkum
Song: Kung Fu Grip
Composer: Lamkum
Album: Self titled
Label: Base Promotions
Time: 8:07

Artist: Raquel Andueza
Song: When I Am Laid in Earth
Composer: Purcell
Album: Music for a while
Label: Erato

Artist: Sarah Castle, Jill Carter, Sarah Thurlow, Rachel Bolt
Song: Vasitthi's Song
Composer: Corp
Album: Songs of the Eloder Sisters
Label: Stone Records

Artist: Oslo Chamber Choir
Song: Soloppgang
Composer: Bjornstad
Album: Sunrise
Label: ECM

Artist: Phoebe Snow
Song: Poetry Man
Composer: Snow
Album: Self titled
Label: Columbia
Time: 9:52

Artist: Beirut
Song: A Candle's Fire
Composer: Condon   
Album: The Rip Tide
Label: Pompeii
Time: 9:56