Monday to Friday, 7pm - Midnight

7:10 Dylan Coburn

We meet Dylan Coburn, the animator who's making online motion comics for Warner Brothers from his studio in Wellington.

8:10 Anna Coddington

Live session and chat with singer-songwriter Anna Coddington.

8:30 Windows on the World

Part two of The Light Fantastic, in which the BBC's Roland Pearce explores light's continuing role in scientific progress.

9:10 Wednesday Night Drama: The Shawl by David Mamet

An amateur psychic and his protege mount an elaborate scheme to defraud a young woman out of her inheritance.

10:15 Late Edition

A roundup of the day's best interviews.

10:30 The Jack Perkins Retrospective

Part two of Radio New Zealand History of Sport (2000).

11:10 Jazz at Lincoln Center

The Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra with Auturo O'Farrill and special guests.