Monday to Friday, 7pm - Midnight

20 January 2009

7:10 Comedy

All-female standups The Comediettes tickle our funnybones in all the wrong places.

7:30 The Secret Life of Tour Promoters

8:10 The Blo Kart

We meet Tauranga's Paul and Matt Beckett, the father and son team who came up with ingenious wind-powered go-cart, the Blo Kart.

8:30 Windows on the World.

The BBC's Owen Bennett-Jones explores the mysterious and controversial business of the Presidential pardon.

9:10 From Kai to Kiwi Kitchen.

Part 2 in a 3 part series on New Zealand's culinary traditions, presented by Professor Helen Leach.

10:15 A roundup of the best news of the day in Late Edition

10:30 Jack Perkins retrospective

The Radio New Zealand History of Sport

11:10 Charlie Gilett's World of Music

Charlie Gilett celebrates the inauguration of Barack Obama with a selection of music from around the globe after eleven.

11:30 Wednesday drama

Upstairs, Singsong K Club by Justin Eade. A student visits a night club owner for research and gets more than he bargains for.