Monday to Friday, 7pm - Midnight

13 January 2009

Motown is the musical theme for the evening as the legendary label celebrates its 50th anniversary.

7:10 New Zealanders Abroad

Comedian Paul Horan lives in Melbourne where he produces the TV show Rove and an ABC radio show hosted by fellow ex-pat Alan Brough. Paul speaks to us about secret homecomings, or what he calls 'hide and seek Christmas'.

7:30 The Secret Life of Drummers

We uncover the reality behind the myths of the tub-thumping wild ones.

8:10 Jess Feast and Juliette Veber

Jess Feast and Juliette Veber are two Wellington documentary makers with very promising futures. They select their favourite documentaries of 2008 and tell us about their own work.

8:30 Windows on the World

The story of the Rise of Mathare United Football Club. The BBC's David Goldblatt goes to Mathare, north of Nairobi, to chart the rise of the club that has succeeded where politicians have failed in bringing communities together.

9:06 From Kai to Kiwi Kitchen - cookery in the colonial era

The second of three Macmillan Brown lectures on the development of New Zealand's culinary traditions.

10:15 Late Edition

A roundup of the best interviews of the day.

10:30 Jack Perkins retrospective - Impressions of Puhoi (1976)

Jack visits the Bohemian settlement of Puhoi, north of Auckland, which retains the character and even the unique musical traditions which the first pioneers brought with them from central Europe.

11:10 Charlie Gilett's World of Music

Britain's guru of world music radio presents a personal selection.

11:30 The Jaws of Life

Jim Moriarty reads our late night story, The Jaws of Life by David Geary.