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14 January 2009

7:10 New Zealanders Abroad

We visit singer New Zealander Leila Adu in Rome. Born in London, raised in New Zealand and with a Ghanian father, Leila has spent the past few years in Europe, performing on BBC World Service and recording a new album with legendary producer Steve Albini.

8:10 Museum Hotel head chef Laurent Loudeac

Laurent Loudeac explains how to add a touch of Eurochic to the standard Kiwi barbecue fare.

8:30 Windows on the World

Light Fantastic, the first in a three-part BBC series exploring light.

9:10 The Black Cat Murder Mystery - or Nostrovia Fitzrovia, by Marcy Kaham

A comic murder mystery play set in an apartment block in London.

10:15 Late Edition

A roundup of the best interviews of the day.

10:30 Jack Perkins retrospective - The Town That Wouldn't Lie Down (1975)

A colourful portrait of Blackball. With the great days of coal gone and the mines closed, the inhabitants of this West Coast settlement were told to leave and let the town die. They refused, and today the town not only exists but thrives.

11:06 Jazz at Lincoln Centre

The San Franciscan Jazz Collective stands out among all-star ensembles.