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12.20 Patea Māori Club 

Patea Māori Club’s iconic 1983 single ‘Poi E’ is finally being acknowledged as an important part of our rich musical history as the recipient of the 2021 IMNZ Classic Record. 

Recorded and released in late 1983, the single spent 22 weeks on the charts and four weeks at no. 1, which was unprecedented for a song in te reo Māori. 

'Poi E' was written by te reo advocate, linguist and composer, Ngoi Pewhairangi with music by Dalvanius Prime.The song was a way to encourage young Māori to be proud of being Māori.

Dalvanius' nephew Tuteri Dal Rangihaeata talks with Charlotte about the impact of the single, and shares some previously unknown details about Dalvanius. 

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1.15 Reb Fountain & The Black Quartet - The Boy Next Door

Originally created to celebrate Nick Cave’s 60th birthday in 2017, the incredible Reb Fountain is bringing back her Nick Cave tribute show for one night only this month. The show will see Reb perform covers of her favourite Nick Cave songs, as well as her own material. 

She’ll be joined by her band, multi-instrumentalist Dave Khan, and premier string quartet,The Black Quartet. 

Reb chats to Charlotte about her preparation for the show, her love of Nick Cave, and plays a beautiful cover.

The show will take place on Wednesday 7 April at Auckland Town Hall at 8pm

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Reb Fountain

Reb Fountain Photo: Supplied

1.35pm The Sampler

Tony Stamp lends an ear to new releases by Los Angeles singer-songwriter (and controversy magnet) Lana Del Rey, and a compilation of exploratory sounds from 1980/90s Japan.

Lana Del Rey:

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Heisei No Oto by V/A (compilation):

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2PM LIVE - Mali Mali 

A community worker by day, singer-songwriter by night. Mali Mali (real name Ben Tolich) has been creating heartfelt meditative chamber-pop for the last decade. 

2020 was a busy year for Auckland-based Mali Mali. He released his 4th album I Was Told to Keep an Eye Out right after recovering from Covid-19 in April, then during lockdown, started recording his latest EP Kill and Throw, which he released in October. 

Aside from a few shows, Mali Mali hasn’t really had a chance to bring these new songs to life for a live audience. So it’s such a treat to have him perform for us live tomorrow on Music 101.

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Like what you hear? Check out Mali Mali on tour this month! More info here.

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Mali Mali Autumn Tour

Mali Mali Autumn Tour Photo: supplied

2.30 Amber Fowlers Best Song Ever Written 

Peachy Keen is a new music festival featuring all female all local line up. Happening today!

Festival organiser Amber Fowler joins Yadana Saw for a chat about how the festival came together, and shares Florence and The Machine’s 'Shake It Out' as her best song ever written. 

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Peachy Keen festival 2021

Peachy Keen festival 2021 Photo: supplied

3:00 INTRODUCING: Louisa Nicklin 

A graduate of Te Koki New Zealand School of Music, up until now Louisa has mostly been focused on her work as a classical composer. Now releasing solo music, Louisa combines a mix of genres to deliver modern alternative folky rock.

Her debut self titled album is due out in May. She joins Charlotte to introduce herself and give us a taste of whats to come from her upcoming album.

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Louisa Nicklin upcoming self titled debut album coverr

Louisa Nicklin upcoming self titled debut album coverr Photo: supplied

3.30 Nick Bollinger - In the Spirit

Nick Bollinger’s guide to Black America’s rich tradition of religious song.

Black Americans made some of the most earth-shaking sounds of the 20th century. For a start they invented jazz and the blues, and today it would be hard to find a corner of the planet where the impact of those vital musical forms hasn’t been felt. But they also produced one of the most profound bodies of religious music. Join Nick Bollinger for a guide to Black America’s rich tradition of religious song: In the Spirit.

We're playing Nick's full piece in parts over the next 4 weeks on Music 101. If you'd like to listen to the full production, click below. 

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No caption

Photo: CC00 Samueles

4:00 The Mixtape- Sariad de Silva 

Our guest on The Mixtape this week is actor, writer, co-host and producer Saraid de Silva. Together with Julie Zhu, Saraid hosts directs, and produces RNZ podcast series Conversations With My Immigrant Parents. A podcast in which immigrant whānau across Aotearoa have frank conversations covering love, ancestry, home, food, expectation, and acceptance. 

Saraid talks with Charlotte about life, and chooses some of her favourite songs.

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Saraid de Silva

Saraid de Silva Photo: supplied

Songs played on today's show:


The ARC choir - Walk with me 

Lou Reed - Walk on the wild side

Hollie Cook - Milk and Honey

Patea Māori Club’ - Poi E 

Crowded House - To the Island 

The Zombies - Time of the season

Dallas Tamaira - Spider  

Radiohead  - Paranoid Android 

Sarah Vaughan - Black Coffee


Tosca - Chocolate Elvis 

Badly Drawn Boy - Once around the block

Reb Fountain - Breathless (Nick Cave cover)

Nick Cave - Rings of Saturn 

Dinah Lee - Chocolate Ice

PULP - Sorted for E’s & Wizz

Mermaidens - Soft Energy

Bruce Springsteen -Tougher than the rest 


Molly Lewis - Oceanic Feeling 

Mali Mali live

Two Truths and a Lie


Kill & Throw

Tree Song

Doris Day - Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps 

Florence and The Machine  - Shake it Out 

Garbage - Stupid Girl

Kanye West - Jesus Walks 

Teeks - Powers 

The Cinematic Orchestra  feat Roots Manova - All things to men


Gene Wilder - Pure Imagination - From Willy wonka and the chocolate factory

Bob Dylan - The Times a-changin'

Ladyhawke - Guilty Love

Blam Blam Blam  - Dont Fight It Marsha (Its Bigger Than Both Of Us)

The Checks - Candyman Shimmer

Horace Silver - Song for my father