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Today's giveaway is The White Stripes Greatest Hits on vinyl!

It's the band's first-ever anthology, collecting 26 previously released songs including classics like 'Seven Nation Army', 'Fell in Love with a Girl' and 'Hotel Yorba'. 

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The White Stripes Greatest Hits

The White Stripes Greatest Hits Photo: supplied

12:15 INTERVIEW: Neil, Liam and Elroy Finn 

Charlotte speaks to Neil Finn and his sons Liam and Elroy Finn about the new reincarnation of Crowed House ahead of their NZ Tour. 

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Crowded house tour 2021

Crowded house tour 2021 Photo: supplied

1:30 The Sampler 

Tony Stamp assesses a new EP by Christchurch husband and wife duo Terrible Sonsand a roster of local artists taking on a classic Split Enz album.

Terrible Sons:

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Split Enz

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True Colours New Colours album cover

True Colours New Colours album cover Photo: supplied

2PM LIVE: Paige 

Auckland singer-songwriter Paige has been winning people over with her honest and heartfelt songs since she began uploading videos of herself singing to youtube as a teenager. 

Last year, she released her EP, Always Growing, which included her hit songs ‘Bloom’, ‘Waves’ and ‘Yellow’. The EP dominated NZ official charts, with ‘Waves’ hitting top 10 radio airplay in NZ. The EP also earned her nominations for ‘pop artist of the year’ and ‘breakthrough artist’ at the Aotearoa Music Awards. 

Paige also rubs shoulders with the best, performing and collaborating with the likes of JessB, Drax Project, and Six60. 

We’re so lucky to have Paige performing live for us today, ahead of her appearance at Outerfileds Festival. 

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2:30 The Secret Lives of Session Musicians 

In The Secret Life of session musicians, we’ll meet some of the local players who you’ll have heard or seen with Tami Neilson, FFD, Dave Dobbyn, Neil Finn, LAB, Che Fu, Anna Coddington, The Brunettes, Anika Moa, SJD, Dimmer

We’ll find out what it takes to be a good session musician, and how that stacks up against being in your own band, is it even possible to make a living from sessioning.

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Photo: RNZ Andrew Robertson


We've chosen 10 artists we think you should keep your eye on in 2021! 

Music 101's to watch

Music 101's to watch Photo: RNZ

3:30 INTERVIEW: Weta's Clinton Den Heyer on 20 years of Geographica 

Celebrating 20 years of the platinum-selling debut, and in memory of the lead singer and guitarist Aaron Tokona, Weta have released their remastered edition of GEOGRAPHICA on vinyl plus a new digital edition featuring previously unreleased and live material.

The remaining members of Weta have focused the re-release “in honour of our dear friend, our brother, and a uniquely talented musician. The 20th Anniversary release celebrates Geographica as a defining point in Aaron's lifelong career dedicated to making music that has inspired joy, provided lasting memories, and has touched the lives of countless people all around the world”.

Charlotte caught up with Clinton to talk about the great loss of their friend and bandmate, and what it means to release the album on vinyl 20 years on from the recording.

Click here to purchase Geogrpahica 20th anniversary edition 

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4:00 The Mixtape 

Our guest on The Mixtape this week is designer, and co-chair of Auckland Pride, Kaan Hiini. 

He joins Charlotte for an honest chat about his journey to Pride, queer identity, and personal liberation. Kaan also touches on the importance of representation in media and art, and chooses 6 songs that represent this journey.





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Kaan Hiini. Senior designer at Curative studio and co-chair of Auckland Pride.

Kaan Hiini. Designer for Curative studio and co-chair of Auckland Pride. Photo: supplied


Songs played on today's show:


Michael RIESMAN Jack KRIPL Philip GLASS Jon GIBSON - Part 1 Opening

Bic Runga  - No one walks this night alone

Travelling Wilburys - End of the line

Kate NV - Plans

The White Stripes - My doorbell

Daft Punk-  Around the World  

Daft Punk - One More Time 

Daft Punk -  Harder, better, faster, stronger 

Daft Punk - Robot Rock 

Daft Punk - Get Lucky 

Daft Punk - I Feel it coming 

Daft Punk - Digital Love 


Fela Kuti - water no get enemy

Fleetwood Mac - Looking for somebody

The Phoenix Foundation - Beside Yourself feat Fazerdaze

Marvin Gaye- Sexual Healing 

Ria Hall - Love will lead us home

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis - Carnage 

Joy Division - Transmission

The Sampler:

Terrible Sons What A Friend, The World Is Walking Over Us, You Are The Ghost, Streets of New Love, No Sleep 

Shihad - I Got You

The Beths -What’s The Matter

Chelsea Jade -Shark Attack 

Stan Walker - Poor Boy 

Dual -Double Happy 

Pacific Heights -The Choral Sea

Led Zeppelin - Fool in the Rain


Daft Punk - Make Love

Secret Lives of Session Musicians:

Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street 

George Michael - Careless Whisper

Sony and Cher - The Beat Goes On 

Jim Hall - There’s a Blue Sky Waiting For Me 

Pat Vincent with the Doug Caldwell Trio -  I Wished on a Moon 

Cilla Black - You’re My World 

The Mickey Finn - Night Comes Down 

Toto  - Rosanna

Trinity Roots - The Dream Home

DLT and Che Fu - Chains 

Lord Echo - Thinking of You 

Little Bushman - Little Bird 

Dimmer - Getting What You Give 

Flight of the Conchords - Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That)

Jason Eli  - That’s Right (Feat Imagine This and Cherie Mathieson) 

Sola Rosa - Del Ray 

Pluto - Dance Stamina


Fat Freddys Drop - Kamo Kamo

Iggy Pop - Do not go gentle into that good night

Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues (live)


The Clash - Train in Vain 

Merk  - Laps around the sun

The Mixtape:

Brother Love - Ruketekete te mamae

Nesian Mystic - It's On

Britney Spears - Toxic

Frank Ocean - Bad Religion

Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar - Freedom

Sophie - Immaterial

Kiwi-fied band names:

Pink Fjord

The Paua of Love / I've got the paua

My Bloody Hallensteins 

Kate Bush-Shirt

Leonard Koha (Cohen)

dire speights

kanye westie

Earthquake, wind and Fire 

My Bloody Hallenstein

Kate Bush-Shirt

Smashing Kumaras

Right says Fred Dagg 

Leonard Koha 

King Gizzard and the Christchurch wizard


The Paua of Love 

 I've got the paua

Not a band, but - Lady Kākā

Sheep Dogg - snoop dogg

Levin on a Prayer

Earth, Wind & Kataia Fire

Haka Khan


The Lemon&Paeroa Heads


PJ Harvey Norman

Frankie goes to Wellywood

The 90 mile beach boys

Thin Gizzy

Youz Two

Beastie Poi's

Sheep Trick

Trinity's Boots


Panic at the Briscoe

Grey lynnkin park!

Carole King Country

Jason gunns n roses

Pink Terraces Floyd

Sheep Shifter

Lady BaaBaa

Siouxsie wiles and the banchees

Sonny and chur

50 cent mix

Jerry and the placemakers

Wet wet weta


The Beach Tāne

Catmandu Power

the Bluff oyster cult

The Black Stripes

Crowded Housing Market

The Yeah Nah Yeahs

Korero Heads

Prince and the New Geothermal Power Generation

90 mile Beach boys


Maorianne Faithful

Fleetwood macpac

All Black Sabbath

 Pearl Ram

Te Te

Echo and the Bunningsmen

 Judith Priest

 Mitre 10CC  

  MC Hammer Hardware  

  Crowded Housing Market  

Fleetwood Maccas

Alicia Kea

Toots and the Fantails

Childish Merino

Joy Cowley Division

milford sound garden