27 Feb 2021

INTERVIEW: Weta's Clinton Den Heyer on 20 years of Geographica

From Music 101, 3:30 pm on 27 February 2021

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Celebrating 20 years of the platinum-selling debut, and in memory of the lead singer and guitarist Aaron Tokona, Weta have released their remastered edition of GEOGRAPHICA on vinyl plus a new digital edition featuring previously unreleased and live material.

The remaining members of Weta have focused the re-release "in honour of our dear friend, our brother, and a uniquely talented musician The 20th Anniversary release celebrates Geographica as a defining point in Aaron's lifelong career dedicated to making music that has inspired joy, provided lasting memories, and has touched the lives of countless people all around the world".

Charlotte caught up with Clinton to talk about the great loss of their friend and bandmate, and what it means to release the album on vinyl 20 years on from the recording.

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