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12:00 Aotearoa Music Awards - Calm before the storm 

The Aotearoa Music Awards are happening tomorrow. Along with a brand new name, the massive event takes a different shape this year. Due to Covid-19, there's no red carpet and no table seating. We are down at Spark Arena with event manager Sara Owen, who's giving us a behind-the-scenes look at this years setup. 

The Aotearoa Music Awards replace the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards and aim to “reinterpret what it means to be a Kiwi musician”. The event will take place tomorrow at Auckland's Spark Arena, and will be hosted by RNZ's Jesse Mulligan.

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12:10 AMA Artisan Awards

The fifth annual AMA Artisan Awards were held yesterday evening, celebrating the Kiwis behind some of our most successful musicians.

In place of a live event, this year’s Artisan Awards were pre-recorded at Massey University’s School of Music and Creative Media Production in Wellington. 

2020 Artisan Award Winners

Te Kaiwhakaputa Toa | Massey University Best Producer

  • WINNER: Josh Fountain
  • Brad Kora – L.A.B III (L.A.B)
  • CHAII & Frank Keys – Lightswitch (CHAII)

Te Kaipukaha Toa | Best Engineer

  • WINNER: Simon Gooding – Reb Fountain (Reb Fountain)
  • Lee Prebble – Manawa Wera (Ria Hall)
  • Lee Prebble & Ara Adams-Tamatea – L.A.B III (L.A.B)

Te Puoro Ataata Toa | NZ On Air Best Music Video

  • WINNER: Anahera Parata – ‘Bunga’ (SWIDT)
  • Callum Devlin & Annabel Kean – ‘I'm Not Getting Excited’ (The Beths)
  • Connor Pritchard – ‘All Your Ships Have Sailed’ (Troy Kingi)

Te Toi Ataata Pukaemi Toa | Best Album Artwork

  • WINNER: Lily Paris West – Look Me In The Eye (Mermaidens)
  • Karin Canzek - Reb Fountain (Reb Fountain)
  • Mike Braid - The Brightest Flame (Jeremy Redmore)
Mermaidens Look Me In The Eye album cover

Mermaidens Look Me In The Eye album cover Photo: supplied

Kaiwhakahaere Puoro o te Tau | Recorded Music NZ Manager of the Year

  • WINNER: Paul McKessar (CRS Management)
    • BENEE
  • Dan Woolston (Richmond Music)
    • Montell2099, MELODOWNZ, SACHI, SmokeyGotBeatz, Trey Bond
  • Nicole Thomas & Paula Yeoman (NicNak Media Ltd)
    • Theia, Chores, Paige, Abby Wolfe, & Neko

Bones Hillman

Bones Hillman passed away last week at 62 after his battle with cancer came to and end. He was 62. 

The Midnight Oil star and member of iconic kiwi group The Swingers, recently rejoined his bandmates to record their mini album The Makarrata Project, which features indiginous voices. The mini album was released just a week before Bones’ death. 

In a statement his bandmates said: "We're grieving the loss of our brother. He was the bassist with the beautiful voice, the band member with the wicked sense of humour, and our brilliant musical comrade.”

The Swingers - Phil Judd, Buster Stiggs, Bones Hillman in early 1981

The Swingers - Phil Judd, Buster Stiggs, Bones Hillman in early 1981 Photo: Simon Grigg

1:15 The first high school to put out an album on Spotify 

At Mount Maunganui College, seventeen talented students recorded an album in their music department with the help of one of their teachers (Although as you’ll hear it’s not one of the music teachers). They’ve uploaded the album to Spotify under the name MMC, and claim to be the first school in NZ to do so. Through word of mouth alone, the album is approaching ten thousand streams. Tony Stamp was intrigued, so he spoke via Zoom to the teacher responsible, Tia Beaufort, and some of the students involved.

Click here to listen to MMC

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MMC students

MMC students Photo: Sonny Eades

1:30 The Sampler 

Joni Mitchell:

One of the best songwriters of our time, Joni Mitchell needs no introduction. The Canadian singer-songwriter has a slue of awards, including nine Grammy's. She’s been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, and Rolling Stone called her “one of the greatest songwriters ever”.

Nick Bollinger takes a deep dive into the archives of Joni Mitchell on this segment of The Sampler.

Songs played on this segment of The Sampler:

Joni Mitchell - Copper Kettle    

Joni Mitchell - Fare Thee Well    

Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now    

Joni Mitchell - Tin Angel    

Joni Mitchell - The Circle Game    

Joni Mitchell - Sugar Mountain    

Joni Mitchell - Blue On Blue    

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Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell Photo: Public Domain, Billboard

Glass Vaults:

Glass Vaults was formed in Wellington in 2010 by Richard Larsen, Bevan Smith, and Rowan Pierce. The trio, who now live in three different cities – Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, come together intermittently (and often in remote locations) to write and record. 

Their new album Sounds That Sound Like Music was released earlier this month. Nick Bollinger reviews the new release on this segment of The Sampler.

Songs played on this segment of The Sampler:

Glass Vaults - High Heels    

Glass Vaults - Who Would I Become for Love?    

Glass Vaults - Boys on Boys    Glass Vaults    

Glass Vaults - Oils and Perfume    

Glass Vaults - Pure Imagination    

Glass Vaults - Better Weather    

Glass Vaults - Sounds That Sound Like Music    

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2PM LIVE: The Bats 

The Bats formed in 1982 in Christchurch and must hold the record for the Kiwi band that’s stayed together the longest. No split-ups, no reforming for nostalgia’s sake.

So far, half the band have spots in The New Zealand Music Hall Of Fame, vocalist/ guitarist Robert Scott (The Clean) and bassist/producer Paul Kean (Toy Love), and it’s only a matter of time before lead guitarist Kaye Woodward and drummer Malcolm Grant find themselves in there too.

The band’s 10th album Foothills was recorded in Spring 2018 at a country retreat on their home turf in the Canterbury foothills of the Southern Alps.

They perform tracks from the new record as well as old favourites live for us on Music 101.

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The Bats

The Bats Photo: supplied

2:20 Local Produce: NZ Music going international​

There have been a number of exciting developments in local music this past month. NZ on Air have a new fund to support the work of local music producers and the Music Producers guild of New Zealand has just been established to support those working in the industry.  Yadana Saw talks to some of the folks involved in local music production and learns what a producer does.

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Devin Abrams, Ben O'leary, Estère and Greg Haver

Devin Abrams, Ben O'leary, Estère and Greg Haver Photo: supplied

3:00 The Outliers -  Nah Zone

The Outliers is a gritty, unapologetic look at youth from minority backgrounds in New Zealand.  From great adversity comes great strength, so the aim of The Outliers is to search out youth who are the standout, the anomaly or the outlier in their community and in New Zealand.  The Outliers will meet inspirational youth while also exploring the source of most minority success - the community where they come from!

Nah Zone is a music community in Auckland which was started by Jonique Purcell.  Nah Zone includes events and content that covers local brown creative communities in New Zealand.

[click for more about Nah Zone]

3:30 SongCrush 

This week Tony is joined by RNZ Music’s Yadana Saw, and from the Checkpoint team (and formerly of the band Great North), Matthew Hutching. Together they discuss new tunes from Edward Castelow, Alicia Keys, and Tim Heidecker. 

Songs played on this episode of Songcrush:

Edward Castelow - Down By The Riverside

Tim Heidecker -  Property

JessB - Bullseye

Alicia Keys - Time Machine

Dual - Honey

Mogwai - Dry Fantasy

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This week's crushes

This week's crushes Photo: supplied

4:00 The Mixtape: Shayne Carter 

Carter began playing music as a teenager at Kaikorai Valley High School and he's been a member of the bands Bored Games, The Doublehappys, Straitjacket Fits and Dimmer. The New Zealand music icon can also add multi-award-winning author to his life story. His no-hold-barred memoir Dead People I Have Known won the E.H. McCormick Prize for best first work of General Non-Fiction and he also won the Ockham New Zealand Book Awards General Non-Fiction Award earlier this year. 

Shayne has been inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame and was awarded the New Zealand Herard Legacy Award at the 2008 New Zealand Music Awards.

Our very own Nick Bollinger says of Shaye "To me, Shayne Carter really stands head and shoulders above pretty much the whole of the Dunedin scene. I mean, there were some other brilliant musicians, don’t get me wrong. But that was the era when shoe-gazing was at its peak – they wore black jerseys, stared at their shoes, and strummed their meaningful, heartfelt songs. But Shayne was different. Shayne was a rock star, and he knew it. He was actually aware of his charisma and what it meant to be a performer."

He chats to Charlotte Ryan about life, his journey so far, and of course, picks his favorite songs on the episode of The Mixtape.

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Shayne Carter

Shayne Carter Photo: Ebony Lamb Photography


Songs played on today's show:

12- 1

Yin Yin - One Inch Punch 

Benee - Winter (feat. Mallrat)

Reb Fountain - Don’t you know who I am

Mohau - Aue Wairua

The Swingers - Counting the beat 

Blind Boys of Alabama - Down The Hole

Teeks - Into You 

Che Fu & Tigilau Ness perform 'Waka'

Th Dudes - Walking In Light


SJD - Four Door 

Marlon Williams - I Wonder Why

Phoebe Bridges - Kyoto (Copycat killer version)

Dan Kye - Moving

Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe

Pacific Heights - The weight of it 


North by North 

Arthur lee - Everybody’s Gotta Live

Kelis - Millionaire feat Andre 3000

 Aditi Ramesh - Sambar Soul


Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy 

Dimmer- Seed

Nina Simone - I wish I knew how it would feel

Breaks Co-op - Sound Advice