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12:15 INTERVIEW: The Boss - Bruce Springsteen

A man who needs no introduction, Bruce Springsteen has sold more than 150 million records worldwide and more than 64 million records in the United States, making him one of the world's best-selling music artists. He’s won plenty of awards too, including 20 Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes, an Academy Award, and a Tony Award (for Springsteen on Broadway). In 1999 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama in 2016. 

Letter to You is Bruce’s 20th studio album and marks the first album with his regular backing band The E Street Band since 2014’s High Hopes. The album was recorded over 5 days in November 2019. Produced by Ron Eniello and Bruce, the album was recorded live in-studio and features no overdubs. Letter to You is full of new tracks, and also includes tracks that were originally written prior to Bruce’s debut album Greetings from Asbury Park N.J. 

Music 101's Charlotte Ryan was lucky enough to join ‘The Boss’ in a zoom call to chat about his exciting new album, life on the other side of 70, and working with the same collaborators since high school.

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1:00 New Zealand Hall of Fame 

Johnny Cooper, Max Merritt, Peter Posa, Dinah Lee, The Chicks and Larry’s Rebels will be inducted into the NZ Music Hall of Fame at the Aotearoa Music Awards in November.

Starting in 1955, though to the ‘60s and beyond, these artists were trailblazers. Johnny Cooper kicked things off 65 years ago; his self-penned track ‘Pie Cart Rock ‘n’ Roll’ became the first homegrown rock ‘n’ roll track.

His baton was picked up by Max Merritt who became a local legend and a spokesperson for the rock and roll generation. Max and his band The Meteors toured and played on singles by fellow Cantabrian, and our most successful female artist of the 60’s, the ‘Queen of the Mods’ Dinah Lee.

The explosion of local talent on stage and on our television screens, saw Dinah joined by the likes of Peter Posa whose albums of instrumental guitar inspired a generation of players and sold by the container-load all over the world.

Peter discovered sisters Suzanne and Judy Donaldson, their up-tempo harmonies soon to make them household names as The Chicks.

As a country enthralled with the moptops, Larry’s Rebels arrived at the perfect time in the mid-‘60s with the swagger of Jagger and the growl of the Animals to set teen hearts on fire with their incendiary live shows and stage presence.

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NZ Music Hall of Fame inductees 2020

NZ Music Hall of Fame inductees 2020 Photo: Supplied

1:30 The Sampler


Icelandic musician Jónsi is best known as the vocalist and multi-instrumentalist for post-rock band Sigur Rós. Jónsi also performs together with his partner Alex Somers as an art collaboration called Jónsi & Alex. 

Jónsi’s newest album Shiver is his first solo release in a decade. Nick Bollinger reviews the outgoing solo outing on this episode of The Sampler.

Songs played on this segment of The Sampler:

Jónsi - Hold

Jónsi - Shiver

Jónsi - Korall

Jónsi - Salt Licorice

Jónsi - Wildeye

Jónsi - Grenade

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Jónsi Photo: supplied

Sylvan Esso

America electric pop duo Sylvan Esso released their new album Free Love last month. Made up of singer Amelia Meath and producer Nick Sanborn, the pair joined forces musically in 2013. Their debut single ‘Hey Mami’ reached 39 on the Billboard 200. Their second album What Now, released in 2017, was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronica Album. 

Nick Bollinger reviews the duo’s newest album on this segment of The Sampler.

Songs played on this segment of The Sampler:

Sylvan Esso - Numb    

Sylvan Esso - What If    

Sylvan Esso - Runaway    

Sylvan Esso - Train    

Sylvan Esso - Rooftop Dancing

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Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso Photo: supplied

2PM LIVE: Matt Berninger (The National) 

Singer-songwriter Matt Beringer is primarily known as the frontman of indie rock band The National.  Since their formation in the late nineties, The National have gone on to release 8 albums, and have won multiple awards including a Grammy for their 2017 album Sleep Well Beast

Matt Beringer has finally released his highly anticipated solo project Serpentine Prison. He performs select tracks from the new release live for us on Music 101. 

Matt Berninger

Matt Berninger Photo: supplied

2:30 Should I Stay or Should I go? Expat kiwis

Tony Stamp catches up with six New Zealand musicians who are based overseas and are experiencing the COVID pandemic very differently than we are in Aotearoa.

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(clockwise l-r) Chelsea Jade, No Romance, Isaac Aesili, Luke Rowell, Millie Lovelock

(clockwise l-r) Chelsea Jade, No Romance, Isaac Aesili, Luke Rowell, Millie Lovelock Photo: supplied

3:00 The Outliers 

The Outliers is a gritty, unapologetic look at youth from minority backgrounds in New Zealand.  From great adversity comes great strength, so the aim of The Outliers is to search out youth who are the standout, the anomaly or the outlier in their community and in New Zealand.  The Outliers will meet inspirational youth while also exploring the source of most minority success - the community where they come from!

Today we introduce you to Isla Martin, an artist living with bi-polar. 

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3:30 Songcrush 

Time now for new music reviewed on Song Crush. This week Tony is joined by RNZ Social Media Manager Leilani Momoisea, and RNZ Pacific journalist Koroi Hawkins, to review songs from Anderson Paak, Gino October, Yasamin, and more.

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This week's selections

This week's selections Photo: supplied

4:00 The Mixtape- Finn Andrews

Kiwi/British musician Finn Andrews is primarily known as the lead singer and songwriter for London based indie/alternative band The Veils. The band has released 5 studio albums and last year saw Finn step out on his own and release his highly anticipated solo album One Piece at A Time. The album was recorded here in New Zealand and featured some of our top talents. Tiny Ruins' Cass Basil (bass), Alex Freer (drums), and Tom Healy (co-production) made up his band, with Reb Fountain and Nina Siegler on backing vocals, and string arrangements provided by Victoria Kelly.

Finn joins us on The Mixtape to dish on all his favorite songs, and THAT appearance on Twin Peaks.

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Finn Andrews of The Veils

Finn Andrews of The Veils Photo: supplied

Songs played on today's show:


Dizzy Gillespie - Bang Bang 

Marlon Williams and Kacy + Clayton - I wonder why

Ghosts- Bruce Springsteen 

Anna Coddington - Beams feat Louis Baker 

Johnny Cooper - Pie Cart Rock & Roll

Max Merritt - Get a Haircut

Dinah Lee - Bluebeat

Peter Posa - White Rabbit

The Chicks - Miss you baby

Larrys Rebals - Shakin’ up some soul

Destyn Maloya - Fin Voyager


The Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight 

Pixies - Mambo Sun

Joy Division - Disorder

Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill

Gorillaz - Desole

Eddie Castelow  - Down by the riverside

The Phoenix Foundation - Hounds of Hell - feat Nadia Reid

Toy Love - Swimming Pool


The Spencer Davis Group  -  I'M A MAN 

Modest Mouse - Float On

Cut Off Your Hands - Live For Eachother

Fleetwood Mac - Tusk


Sebastian Tellier - La Ritournelle

Church & AP - Year Na

DD Smash - Whaling

Na Noise - Then Who