Julia Deans, Emily Edrosa, Millie Lovelock, Annabel Liddell, Amelia Murray

Julia Deans, Emily Edrosa, Millie Lovelock, Annabel Liddell, Amelia Murray Photo: Pete Monk, Dan Robinson, Roger Graumeijer, TBC, Blackroom Photography


Aldous Harding in Atlanta

She Will Rock You - Fazerdaze

Janine & The Mixtape


The Modern Maori Quartet live in session

The Sampler - Fleet Foxes

Introducing: Jaggers x Lines


She Will Rock You: Miss June

The Volume Scene Report #3 - busking

The Sampler - Buckingham & McVie


The Mixtape: MC Tali

Music details


Artist: Roni Size
Song: Brown Paper Bag
Composer: Size, Dominic Smith
Album: New Forms
Label: Talkin' Loud

Artist: Tali
Song: Powerful
Composer: Natalia Sheppard, Melinki, Mellodownz, Verva
Album: Powerful
Labels: Warners

Aldous Harding in Atlanta
Artist: Aldous Harding
Songs: Horizon, Living The Classics, Party, What If Birds aren’t Singing, They’re Screaming, Blend
Composer: Harding
Album: Party
Label: 4AD

Artist: Chelsea Jade
Song: Ride Or Cry
Composer: Chelsea Jade Metcalf
Album: Ride Or Cry
Label: Independent

Artist: Janine
Song: Unstable
Composer: Janine
Album: Unstable
Label: Atlantic


Modern Māori Quartet
Artist: Modern Māori Quartet
Song: MaReikura, Coco's song, Kai Song
Composer: Modern Maori Quartet
Album: RNZ Recording
Label: RNZ Recording

Artist: Teeks
Song: Wash Over Me
Composer: Te Karehana Gardiner-Toi
Album: The Grapefruit Skies
Label: Independent

The Sampler: Fleet Foxes
Artist: Fleet Foxes
Songs: If I Need To, Kept Woman, I Am All That I Need…, Mearcstapa, I Should See Memphis, On Another Ocean, Crack Up
Composer: Pecknold
Album: Crack Up
Label: Nonesuch

Artist: This Is The Kit
Song: Bulletproof
Composer: Kate Stables
Album: Moonshine Freeze
Label: Rough Trade

Artist: Radiohead
Song: Lift
Composer: Radiohead
Label: XL

Introducing: Jaggers x Lines
Artist: Jaggers & Lines
Song: Come To Rest
Composer: Eliana Gray & Morgan Smillie
Album: Letters
Label: Independent

Artist: Odesza
Song: Meridian
Composer: Harrison Mills & Clayton Knight
Album: A Moment Apart
Label: Counter Records


Artist: Devine
Song: Novel
Composer: Molly Devine
Album: Novel
Label: Independent

Artist: Mermaidens
Song: Satsuma
Composer: Mermaidens
Album: Satsuma
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: NaeNae Express
Song: Lions Tour
Composer: NaeNae Express
Album: Lions Tour
Label: Independent

Artist: Yoko Zuna
Song: Orchard St
Composer: Yoko Zuna, Tom Scott
Album: Luminols
Label: Loop

The Sampler: Buckingham & McVie
Artist: Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie
Songs: On With The Show, In My World
Composer: Buckingham
Songs: Feel About You, Red Sun
Composer: Buckingham/McVie
Songs: Game Of Pretend, Carnival Begin
Composer: McVie
Album: Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie
Label: Warner

Artist: Algiers
Song: Cleveland
Composer: Algiers
Album: The Underside Of Power
Label: Matador

Artist: Mobb Deep
Song: Survival Of The Fittest
Composer: Kejuan Muchita, Albert Johnson
Album: The Infamous
Label: Loud Records


Artist: Soul II Soul
Song: Back to life
Composer: Jazzie B Caron Wheeler Nellee Hooper Simon Law
Album: Club Classics vol 1
Label: Virgin

Artist: De La Soul
Song: Ring Ring Ring
Composer: P. Huston, K. Mercer,
D. Jolicoeur, V. Mason, G. Skinner
Album: de la soul is dead
Label: Tommy Boy

Artist: Tricky
Song: Overcome
Composer: Tricky
Album: Maxinquaye
Label: 4th & B'way

Artist: GZA
Song: Liquid Swords
Composer: GZA, RZA
Album: Liquid Swords
Label: Geffen

Artist: Krust (feat Morgan)
Song: Maintain
Composer: Krust
Album: Single
Label: Full Cycle

Artist: Sabre Stray and Halogenix
Song: Oblique
Composer: F. Carter*, G. Kidao*, JJ. Fogel*, L. Reading*
Album: single 
Label: Critical recordings

Artist: Upercent
Song: El Tornejant
Composer: Upercent
Album: Penumbra
Label: upon you